Picture this. You're celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. You turn on your TV and find the highlight film from your wedding. All of the emotions, memories, and moments come rushing back. The film captured your day in a way you could only have dreamed and preserved your wedding for eternity. Your photos will be beautiful. We are sure of that. But they can never capture more than a fraction of a second. Video allows your to see your emotions live on for more than that fraction. It can see you look towards your new husband and capture your huge smile and beaming eyes. It will preserve the moment he wipes tears from his eyes as you walk towards him. It will make you smile as you watch your father kiss you on the cheek and hand you off to be married.

Highlight Films

We no longer just offer wedding photography, but we now offer highlight films! The best part is that this is an all in one package. We shoot photos and videos at the same time! You're probably wondering, "how in the world do you do that?" It's simple. We know exactly what needs to be captured to create the best video possible and we structure our wedding days around those moments to allow enough time to capture both. Just as we developed a system for shooting photos on your wedding day, we created a system for shooting video alongside photos. throughout the entire day, we carry around a handheld stabalizer that allows us to shoot smooth, cinematic video one second, and another second, set it aside to shoot photos. We acquired our equipment with the purpose of shooting both photo & video in mind. It’s the perfect setup!

We offer wedding films as add ons to our photography services because everyone deserves to have a beautiful highlight film from their wedding day! We know that money is tight and paying $4,000+ for a photographer and then another $4,000+ for a videography team can be extremely expensive. We want to help make things easier on you and so we offer an all in one bundle. Josiah shoots both photos & video and since Steph is there as a second photographer, we won’t miss a single moment! This brings the cost down because you don’t have to hire a completely separate video company. It also means that your photos and videos will be very similar in style and color as your photos creating a consistent look throughout your entire wedding.

wedding films

Our Wedding Films are considered "Add-Ons" that way you can choose any photography package you'd like and tack on your desired video package! The hourly coverage you choose for photography is also the same as your film coverage. Add on an extra hour to photography, you also add on an hour to film coverage but are only charged for photography. Our highlight films run 2-4 minutes in length. If you would like entire ceremony coverage, we hire a dedicated cinematographer to help us shoot on your wedding day resulting in more video captured!


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