Best of Weddings | 2015 - Josiah & Steph Photography

2015 was an incredible year! We spent time with 11 amazing couples who have helped support and grow our business! They have challenged us and caused us to grow as artists. When we see these images, we don’t see our clients, but instead, we see friends some of whom feel more like family. We love seeing our couples cherish these images! Seeing prints, canvases on their walls in their homes brings us so much joy and when they post the image as their profile picture, we love reading through all of the comments people leave telling them how beautiful they look! It’s an encouragement to us to know that others enjoy our work and can share in the memory of such a special time in their lives!

While 2015 has been a year of growth, challenge, discovery and joy, and each of our 11 couples has been so very fun, we are eager to begin our 2016 wedding season with 18 couples! Anyway, we have below some of our favorites from the 2015 wedding season! Enjoy!

Best of Weddings | 2015

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