An Emerald Green & Red Fall Engagement in Valley Forge National Park in King of Prussia, PA - Josiah & Steph Photography

Steve & Jacquelyn

Steve & Jacquelyn did a fabulous job at their fall engagement session in Valley Forge National Park the other day! Jacquelyn was beautiful in her green dress and Steve, as handsome as ever in his attire! And Lucy, their puppy, was so well behaved and super cute. She could even walk next to them off leash! Our dog Chance needs to be taught how to do that! We loved chatting and laughing with them for a few hours on a Friday evening and can’t wait to do it again during their wedding next May! Steve & Jacquelyn are the easiest people to talk to. They’re so friendly, talented and both have two of the most genuine smiles we’ve ever photographed!

The Story

Steve picked Jacquelyn out of a crowd while she was on her very first interview at ESPN. It wasn’t until 6 months into dating that Steve told Jacquelyn he texted the guy who was interviewing Jacquelyn to ask “who was that girl?!” They started dating after a mutual friend invited her to join a “snow day party” that Steve was hosting. It was basically a party where they all just got snowed in together! (because what else is there to do in Connecticut in the winter?) Jacquelyn was hesitant because she had heard of this “Steve Z” character, but didn’t know him personally. After deciding that being the new girl in town, she had nothing to lose! So she packed a bag and prepared to be snowed in with mostly strangers for the day. The “snow day” turned into a “snow weekend” with the whole crew, and she walked out with not only new friends, but also having met the person that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with!

Steve had told Jacquelyn’s best friend and her best friend’s mom (who happens to be Jacquelyn mom’s best friend) about his intentions to propose to her over Labor Day weekend in 2015. The two gals teamed up with Steve and formed a plan. Jacquelyn’s best friend had just attended “diner en blanc” in Philadelphia, which is a giant dinner where everyone wears white before Labor Day comes around and all the white clothing is stored away for the winter. The plan was to get together and throw their own “diner en blanc” in Cape May while they were all down there over Labor Day weekend. They had planned all white foods, decorations, drinks…. the works! Before dinner, the 4 girls went out to get their nails done for their white party. Little did Jacquelyn know, it was just a way to get her mom and her out of the house so that Steve could ask her father for permission to propose! When they got back from getting their nails done, Jacquelyn’s father mysteriously had to go “clean the boat” before the white party. Turns out, he just couldn’t keep a straight face when he saw his daughter after having given Steve permission, so he went into hiding until the party! After changing into their all-white outfits, the rest of them split up into two cars and left for the party. Jacquelyn went with her friend, who had to stop at the store before they left. After their pit stop, they were driving by the beach where Steve and Jacquelyn take their dog for walks, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Steve standing in his white down on the beach! Her heart jumped! The timing of this was right before Steve left for 5 months for Monday Night Football (He directs the pregame…cool right?!) so she thought for sure his jitters that entire week were just because of work nerves. Turns out, the entire night was all part of an elaborate plan to get Jacquelyn in all white with her nails done, get proposed to on the beach and then to a party with all of the people she loves most in this world. The “diner en blanc” turned into a pop up engagement party after all! How creative and cute is that?!

An Emerald Green & Red Fall Engagement in Valley Forge National Park in King of Prussia, PA

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