The Philander Chase Knox Estate Snowy Engagement | Malvern, PA | Gabe + Megan - Josiah & Steph Photography

Gabe & Megan Snow Engagement at the Philander Chase Knox Estate

A Snowy Engagement Session at The Philander Chase Knox Estate

If I told you that I laughed this entire session, you might think it was an exaggeration. In fact, I’m telling the 100% truth. Gabe, Megan and I laughed for a full 90 minutes while shooting. The only time we didn’t was for the tiny micro-seconds when I could get a serious face out of them before they burst into laughter again. It was such a joyful session! We’re sure their wedding day will be ten times the amount of fun. We had the privilege to photograph Megan’s sister’s wedding last summer and that’s where we met Gabe. Him and Megan are so perfect for one another, love the Lord, and make each other smile until their cheeks hurt. We can’t wait for their wedding later this year at Springton Manor Farm.

Their Engagement Story: As Told By Megan

We got engaged in October 2018! Gabe drove me up to Worlds End State Park, which has a lot of significance to him from his childhood. I thought nothing of it because we love hiking and day trips. When we got to the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful overlook. Gabe said he wanted to read me something he wrote. I still didn’t think he was proposing because he is pretty romantic, and it has been a hard season with him working in New Jersey. I thought he was just trying to be sweet! He started reading this poem he’d written for me, and started to cry, and by then I was like, “wait, whoah are you doing the thing?” It was really sweet and perfect and very us.

To Gabe & Megan:

We loved laughing and shooting with you in the freezing cold last week! We’re happy it’ll be much warmer for your wedding, but we’re ready to laugh and celebrate with you regardless of the weather. We can’t wait to show you the rest of the images from your engagement session, but until then, here’s some of our favorites from your engagement session!

The Philander Chase Knox Estate Snowy Engagement | Malvern, PA | Gabe + Megan


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