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We’re in the middle of our color series providing you with some color inspiration for your wedding. Today, we’re reviewing some of the popular spring wedding colors we’ve seen at, well, spring weddings.

I mentioned in the previous post about winter weddings that I often view seasons in colors. Spring to me is a blush or light pink color and that may be due to it being a popular color in our culture. When you think of spring, what comes to mind? For me it’s warmer days, rainy April, blooming flowers, and fresh air. Spring is always a sigh of relief because we’re finally getting longer days, warmer weather and more sun! By March we’re just begging for sunlight. Spring weddings are very popular with most of our weddings in the spring happening in May. Here are a few popular colors for spring weddings.

Blush or Light Pinks

Mike + Jenny’s Wedding
Ryan + Lauren’s Wedding
Jim + Alyssa’s Wedding

Blush is a very popular color at weddings, especially for bridesmaids dresses. If you’re going for that light and airy vibe then a blush or light pink color for your bridesmaids dresses creates a very easy and simple color palette. It matches really well with greens, greys, blacks and honestly, most colors you might be thinking of adding into your wedding color palette. This color matches beautifully with muted or light greens in bouquets such as succulents with some other pops of pink within the bouquet. It’s a great spring color choices because, like I said, I think of light pink when it comes to spring.

Light or Dusty Blues

Sam + Lexi’s Wedding
Matt + Angela’s Wedding

Light Blue is also a very popular spring wedding color that also pairs so well with light pink flowers, greenery and black tuxes. This is a great time to add in some baby’s breath that give your bouquets a little pop of white. We’ve seen a few weddings where bridesmaids have worn a mix of shades of light blue and even some greys that have undertones of blue. It looks really beautiful and high end when paired with black tuxes and a splash of color in the bouquet.

Bridesmaids Dresses From:
Bella Bridesmaids
Elizabeth Johns
Adriana Papell

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Popular Spring Wedding Colors

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