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Winter Elopement Style Wedding

When you think of winter, you might think of the holiday season, warm and cozy colors, fireplaces and hot coco. Maybe you think of the cold blues and whites that come with snowy weather. I love describing seasons with colors. Each season feels like a different color to me. Winter is emerald. Spring is light pink. Summer is yellow, and Fall is orange. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that these colors coordinate with wedding color palettes. In case you are looking for some inspiration for your winter wedding colors, here are some of the most popular color combinations we’ve noticed at winter weddings. 

Popular winter weddings colors are definitely maroon or burgundy with blue. This is the most popular color in this time of year, but also throughout the rest of the year. The deep red wine color pops in pictures especially when coordinated with a groom’s blue suit with matching maroon or burgundy ties and pocket squares. We also see a lot of Navy and Dusty Blue, this stays in the realm of those dark, cooler colors that are just beautiful in winter. We also see a lot of red roses and pine cones in the decor and bouquets. I absolutely love seeing pine cones in decor. It really makes it feel like you’re capturing that outdoorsy style within your decorations.

Lastly, we see Emerald often in winter weddings. Remember earlier when I said I associate Emerald with winter? That’s most likely because you have Christmas trees and those deep holiday greens, but also because we’ve seen a lot of emerald bridesmaids dresses recently. This is a great pairing with a grey suit or tux for the groom. 

These are just a few of the popular winter wedding colors that we’ve noticed in the last few years. Don’t think this is a must have list. If you love yellow and you want yellow roses at your wedding in January, go for it!

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Popular Winter Wedding Colors

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