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Throughout the wedding process, the bride has so many tasks that they need to accomplish. This can easily become overwhelming or even frustrating, however, one task that can be fun and enjoyable is the hair and makeup trial. I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to get all made up? Sometimes brides will often just do the hair and make up trial and then move on with the day without taking advantage of how amazing they look. You know I am going out somewhere when I get my hair and makeup done. So here is a little tip to get the most out of your hair and makeup trial.

We always suggest to our brides to do something fun after they get their hair and makeup trial done. I had my hair and makeup done at different times. My mom was with me when I had my hair trial and then she took me out to lunch. I felt ridiculous because my hair was in an updo and I was in a t-shirt and jeans, but it was something fun to do after getting my hair done. For my makeup trial I did something a little different. I actually scheduled it on the day of my shower because I wanted to see what people thought of it.

I also knew what it was going to look like in pictures. Looking at yourself in a mirror with your makeup on is very different then seeing yourself in a picture. You are going to have your picture taken hundreds of times on your wedding day and if you don’t like the way your makeup looks then you’ll struggle in your response to your photos.

So, with all that said, do something fun after your hair and makeup trial! Go out to dinner with friends or your fiancé, schedule an event like your bridal shower, or you could even get your engagement photos taken on the same day. Either way, enjoy your hair and makeup trial. Don’t be afraid to ask for them to do something over. This is something you want to be sure about for one of the most important days of your life.

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Take Advantage of Your Hair + Makeup Trial

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