Intimate Wedding in Georgetown, DC - Josiah & Steph Photography

Joey + Janki

It may not have been the wedding they were planning, but Joey + Janki decided to have a beautiful family only ceremony in Potomac, Maryland last week. Before their ceremony, we met up with them for their first look and portraits in Georgetown. We hopped to a few different spots around town. We went to the University, the C&O Canal, and the Alexandria Aqueduct ruins that overlooked the river. It was actually a great tour around the area! It’s definitely a cute little town we want to return to once the pandemic is over and done with.

I’m so happy to say that despite COVID interrupting their big plans for a wedding this year, they still got married. I can’t stress this enough, but you don’t get engaged to have a wedding. Well, at least that shouldn’t be your primary motivation. You get engaged to get married! The marriage is the important part and it’s the aspect that can’t get overlooked. The pandemic forces couples to simplify and there is actually a beauty in the simplification of the wedding day. It’s no longer about the guests or the details or how good the food may or may not be. Instead it is all about the couple. The simplicity of Joey + Janki’s wedding day meant they could focus entirely on one another without the overwhelm of everything that normally happens at the wedding. And that’s exactly what they did.

These two are both so sweet and fun to be around. We are so thankful for Janki’s brother, too, who was our dedicated chauffeur. We all crammed into his car to go all over Georgetown for portraits. Joey + Janki were so, so, so easy to work with. They’re also freakin’ models! That was a huge plus as every picture you take of them is just pure gold. More importantly, the joy between them is tangible and each photo radiates the warmth and love they both share. Working with them has been a highlight of 2020, for sure!

To Joey + Janki:

Thanks so much for trusting us with your photos and for sticking with us through all this craziness. We are so grateful for you both and hopefully next year we’ll get the chance to celebrate with you again with all your friends and family, if you decide to do that. But until then, we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from your wedding day!

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Intimate Wedding in Georgetown, DC


  1. Joe Rafferty says:

    You guys are amazing!! Pictures look incredible!! Thanks for making our day so special!!

    • Michael Barberi says:

      Congratulations you two! Such a beautiful pair, excited for what the future holds for you to. Love yousss

    • Lynne MacKeever says:

      OMG! Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Future! Congratulations to you both, and I wish you all the best as you start this new chapter of your lives!

  2. Jackie says:

    Beautiful pictures!! So happy for my big bro & new sister! 😍🥰❤️

  3. Mason Mundell says:

    Beautiful family! Love how they made this happen in 2020!!

  4. Pat Morrison says:

    Congrats Joey and Janki!! Amazing pictures

  5. Molly wickman says:

    Omg what a dream!! So in love with Janki and Joe!! Can’t wait to celebrate next year

  6. Susan K says:

    So beautiful!!!

  7. Maggie MacKeever says:

    Such a gorgeous couple!!! And a beautiful wedding!

  8. Siya Kashwala says:

    So beautifully captured!!! Congrats Janki & Joey!

  9. Todd Strupek says:

    So happy for both of you! Wishing you two nothing but the best!!

  10. Marcela callejas says:

    Seriously? These pictures belong in a magazine!!! Stunning, beautiful couple. Their essence was captured in these beautiful pictures ❤️ CONGRATULATIONS JANKI AND JOEY!

  11. Pooja says:

    These pictures are stunning!!! Soo happy for you both🥰♥️ Can’t wait to celebrate together!

  12. Krista DiPietrantonio says:

    Such a beautiful couple!! Such amazing pictures!

  13. Ben C says:

    Beautiful couple! Congrats you two. Love you guys

  14. Janki says:

    AHHHHHH Josiah and Steph you guys are the absolute best! Thank you for sticking with us through all the plan changes and HEAT that day lol. The blog post was so so sweet and the pictures are gorgeous!! We love you and can’t wait to work with you again!!!

  15. Kelly Heselpoth says:

    So incredibly happy for the both of you! Congrats newlyweds ❤️❤️ Gorgeous wedding and photos

  16. Vihar Bhanderi says:

    Congratulations! You guys look great!

  17. Ina says:

    You two are perfect!!! 😍😍😍

  18. Natalia says:

    Janki & Joey’s wedding pictures are BREATH TAKING! Joshia and Steph did an amazing job at capturing their love and light. Literally the dreamiest couple!

  19. Brent Nilsen says:

    Congratulations to both of you guys! Cheers!

  20. Michael Aguggia says:

    Look great ! love you guys ❤️

  21. Mikaila Foster says:

    Thank you for sharing the moments from this sweet, magical day! These photos are stunning and I am so happy for you both, congrats!!! <3

    • Nicole Stiles says:

      Congratulations!! You both are so beautiful inside and out! So happy for you two and can’t wait to celebrate one of these days soon 🙂

  22. Abbie Mathews says:

    I am blown away! Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations ❤️

  23. Anna & John says:

    So gorgeous you two!! We are so happy for you both and can’t wait to celebrate together. 🤗♥️

  24. Ali and Josh Jonas says:

    So gorgeous!!!!!!! Love you guys ❤️

  25. Amanda Wickman says:

    So happy for you Guys!! These pictures are amazing!!! Can’t wait to celebrate next you. Love you!!

  26. Roshni says:

    So so happy for you guys!! Can’t wait to celebrate in a big fat Indian wedding next year ! ❤️❤️

  27. Amy says:

    The most gorgeous!! Beautiful photos capturing how happy yall are:)!!

  28. Alexandria Aguggia says:

    So beautiful! Congratulations you two!! So happy for you guys, love you both!

  29. Reshma says:

    Stunning pictures! The wedding was captured so beautifully

  30. Brooke says:

    Love you guys!!

  31. Shaily Savani says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!! Congrats again! Soo incredibly happy for you both!! ❤️🥰

  32. Harshil Boghara says:

    Absolutely beautiful and stunning! Most amazing
    Couple too!

  33. Purvi Patel says:

    Awww… how gorgeous and incredibly special!! Congratulations Janki and Joey!!

  34. Becca Morrison says:

    Congratulations! You both look amazing! Couldn’t be happier for you two

  35. Cindy Kwak says:

    Absolutely STUNNING!!! So happy for you two!!! Congratulations Janki and Joey! ❤️

  36. Deanna DeGregoris says:

    Such beautiful pictures!!!! Wishing you guys all the love and happiness you deserve!!

  37. Kajal Boghara says:

    These photos turned out amazing!! Can’t wait to see the video!!!!

  38. Dishita says:

    Beautiful photos!!

  39. Kantaba says:

    Love the pictures

  40. Deesha Patel says:

    Gorgeous photos! Congrats to the newly weds and can’t wait to celebrate with yall soon 🥰♥️

  41. Saavan Boghara says:

    They turned out great! It was crazy watching the process of taking the photos and then the end product!

  42. Samrat Dudhat says:

    Congratulations! Photos are amazing and the ceremony looks beautiful and very intimate. So happy and proud of both of you! Can’t wait to hopefully see you soon and celebrate with you two next year!

  43. Damu Baa and prafulDada says:

    Congratulations to both of you wedding pictures we looked and we both think we’re in chapel will see you and celebrate after corona move we’re very very happy 👳🏼👳‍♂️

  44. Neeru kaka says:

    Excellent pictures
    God bless you both and wishing you happy and healthy life ahead

  45. Molly says:

    LOVE YOU TWO! Congratulations! These photos are beautiful!

    • Stacy Kollar Evans says:

      Amazing beautiful couple. My nephew Joey I’m so proud. Can’t wait to meet his bride. A challenging year but I know these two can bring out the best in everything. We love you guys !!! 💍 🎩

  46. The Sullivans says:

    These are stunning! Congratulations!

  47. SRM says:

    Congratulations Joey and Janki

  48. Vidhy says:

    Congrats!!! The wedding look perfect and you look beautiful!! I’m so happy for you guys!

  49. Lori Kollar says:

    What a special day that was! The pictures in Georgetown and Washington DC were so amazing! It really captured how in love you guys are!! 🥰🥰

  50. Kiran says:

    Gorgeous pictures of the most beautiful couple inside and out! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  51. Sonny says:

    Congrats Joey and Janki!

  52. Lori Kollar says:

    The pictures in Washington DC were so amazing!!They really captured how in-love you guys are!! That was such a special day! You guys looked amazing! 🥰🥰🥰

  53. Courtney Kane says:

    Most beautiful couple inside and out! Couldn’t be happier for y’all! Love you!

  54. Colleen Fahey says:

    Thanks for capturing my baby cousin and his stunning bride so beautifully on their wedding day! Congrats Joey and Janki!

  55. Devkuver ba says:

    Beautiful photos

  56. Teri Mackeever says:

    These photos are amazing you both look so happy!! I am so happy for you both, Congrats guys!

  57. Niyanta and Jitesh says:


  58. Elena says:

    Congratulations Joey and Janki! The pictures are absolutely stunning! XOXO!

  59. Maya Srour says:


  60. Megan Mellendick says:

    Congrats Joey and Janki!! You guys look incredible and I feel the love when I see these photos. So happy for you both, and can’t wait to celebrate!!!

  61. Dani VanScoyk says:

    Congratulations to such a truly beautiful couple! These pictures turned out amazing, and I wish nothing but the absolute best for you both ❤️

  62. Tim D says:

    Beautiful! Love you guys!

  63. Kathleen Rafferty says:

    Photos for a lifetime – beautiful!

  64. Maura says:

    Stunning!! Congrats- you both look so happy and in love! Can’t wait to celebrate you!

  65. Arya says:

    Congratulations guys! The photos look beautiful. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness

  66. Payal Patel says:

    Such beautiful pictures for such a beautiful couple!!! Congratulations you love birds!!! 🙂

  67. Ryan says:

    Beautiful pictures to capture a beautiful day! Congratulations to you both on your big day and everlasting love! ❤️

  68. Miriam says:

    Congrats Janki and Joey!! You both look amazing and so so happy 🙂 Can’t wait to celebrate!

  69. Carl says:

    Congrats Joey and Janki! Very excited about what the future holds for you two! Love you guys!

  70. Kameron Tavakolian says:

    Sooo happy for you guy!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you two!!

  71. Peggy says:

    Loved the story & the pictures are gorgeous…definitely a day you will always remember. Here’s to a life filled with love, laughter & fun. Congrats, Aunt Peggy & Uncle Doug

  72. Erin says:

    CONGRATS beautiful people. So excited for you guys and wishing you all the happiness! 💕❤️

  73. John Washington says:

    Wow! Love this!!

  74. Maurice Abifadel says:

    What beautiful photos! Wishing you two an abundance of happiness and unconditional love in every single day going forward in this life you share together until death does you apart. “Whoa”. It’s good! Love you guys.

  75. Todd Wood says:

    Congratulations Rafferty Jr. You both look amazingly happy. Having a beautiful bride certainly doesn’t hurt. Andrea and I wish both of you a lifetime of happiness.

  76. Norah Gourlay says:

    Absolutely beautiful couple inside and out! Thank you for sharing the celebration photos with us.

  77. ARUN AND APEXA says:


  78. The Dellapenna’s says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures!! What a beautiful couple!

  79. Patty MacIntire says:

    What a special event – exactly right that marriage should be just about the couple! Love you both!

  80. Jackie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  81. Zarana says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats to the happy couple!

  82. Drew says:

    Congrats Joey and Janks! Stunning pictures of a stunning couple! We love you guys and are so happy for you and that you are in our lives.

  83. Morgan says:

    Congratulations to the most kind-hearted beautiful couple! We’re so happy for you two and thankful for our forever friendship!! Love you lots ❤️

  84. Jigisha Rana says:

    Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple! Congratulations and best wishes for your future!

  85. Vilas boghara says:


  86. Jay Rana says:

    Great pics! Congrats!!

  87. Sweta says:


  88. Shivani Patel says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats to the lovely couple! Wish you a happily married life!

  89. Ishani Patel says:

    Congratulations! You both make a beautiful couple! Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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