Fairmount Waterworks Park Engagement - Josiah & Steph Photography

Sarah + Courtney

Okay, we chose way to many photos for this blog! It was just too hard to narrow down all of our favorites! Sarah + Courtney were completely naturals in front of camera and they were so much fun to photograph! Seriously, they required hardly any coaching and just naturally made every pose look sooo great! They were also so full of laughter and love and that made the process so much easier. Not to mention, we had some awesome lighting. Fairmount Waterworks Park which is right behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of our favorite places to shoot. There is so much variety in the backgrounds here that you really can’t go wrong!

Q: How’d You Get Engaged?

Sarah: Courtney orchestrated the entire surprise proposal on December 15th, 2019. She got my friends to plan going out to brunch then checking out a new brewery in Bristol, PA (where we had our first date). Afterwards my friends led me to a small park where both our families were waiting and Courtney proposed in front of everyone with music and signs. I didn’t expect the proposal at all, because for the 8-12 months before that point I thought I would be the one to propose, but I was overthinking it and she beat me to it. We celebrated at the brewery afterward and I just remember feeling so happy. I had also planned having family and friends around to celebrate our engagement so it felt like a perfect, full circle moment.

Q: Any Advice For Couples Planning Their Weddings?

Sarah: Our advice for future couples is to make the day your own, and to not be afraid to break wedding traditions. There’s a lot of pressure to adhere to certain things in the ceremony and reception, but your wedding day is about the both of you, and it should reflect whatever makes the both of you feel happy and joyful.

To Sarah + Courtney:

We had such an amazing time with you both last week during your engagement session at Fairmount Waterworks Park! You guys did an amazing job and we’re so thrilled with how these photos turned out! Thanks for going along with our ridiculous games and prompts! We can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos, but until then, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek at some of our favorites!

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Fairmount Waterworks Park Engagement



    Absolutely gorgeous photos!! I’m so excited for you both!

  2. Zee Astrom says:

    Oh my gosh these are so gorgeous! Courtney and Sarah you look beautiful as ever, I love you both!!

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    These photos capture the live between the two of you! To the photographers, Josh and Steph, you did an awesome job!!!

  4. Barb says:

    Beautiful pictures! So happy for both of them

  5. Karin Scheidt says:

    Beautiful pictures! So many great shots. Fun and casual with a gorgeous background. Congratulations on your engagement Courtney & Sarah!

  6. Alison Mazukewicz says:

    These are beautiful photos! I love the laughing ones! Congratulations, Courtney and Sarah!

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    Lovely photos! “May you grow old together on one pillow.” Congratulations Courtney and Sarah!!

  8. Carla DiLauro says:

    These are AWESOME. Such a beautiful couple who radiate so much warmth and happiness!!! <3 CONGRATS COURTNEY AND SARAH!!!

  9. Mary Klama says:

    Amazing photos!! Congratulations Courtney and Sarah!! Your smiles say it all, so beautiful!

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    So happy for the two of you! Beautiful engagement captures.

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    Your Love is Imperial! Great photos!

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    Looking great, Court! And you Sarah! Congrats, so happy for you both

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    You two are so beautiful together! These photos are fantastic. Congrats! 💕

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    Stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

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    Great pictures! Congrats

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    Too cute!!! ❤️❤️ I’m obsessed with these pictures, the lighting, your outfits – you are an incredible couple and you deserve all the happiness in the world ❤️

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    Love these Sarah and Courtney!

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    These photos are breathtaking!

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    I love these photos! They really portray the love you have for each other. So hard to choose a favorite since there are so many great ones!

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    Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple! Your love for each other shines through in so many ways – congratulations Courtney and Sarah! ❤️

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    These are beautiful! The laughing photos are my favourites!

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    Adorable photo set! You two look amazing (because you are amazing 😘).

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    So beautiful! You both look so happy! I love the location, it looks so magical ❤

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    Such beautiful pictures!!! They really capture the love you two share of each other. Congratulations Sarah and Courtney!!

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    What great photographs ! Congratulations on your engagement and the promise it brings . Enjoy life together in love .

    Aunt Elena

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    You two are such a lovely couple! It’s so wonderful that the happiness you bring each other was captured in these photos! <3

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    I’m so happy for you both! These are fantastic -what a gorgeous looking couple! Wishing you all the best ❤️

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    Lovely photos!! Congratulations you two!

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    These photos do such a great job at demonstrating how happy you are together. They will be a great keepsake for the fantastic years to come.

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    SUCH GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!! The world needs more of this right now, perfectly captures their joy and excitement. Love, love, love!

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    Such gorgeous subjects and such gorgeous photos!!! What an amazing job!!

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    Love to both of you, Grsmma

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