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You’re engaged! Your fiancé finally took the hint or maybe they completely surprised you out of nowhere! Either way, you just got engaged, and now it is time to start planning your wedding, but where do you start? What do you prioritize? We think you should prioritize your venue first and then your photographer second. We want to break this down into two separate pieces because they go together and are often booked first within the planning process.


The first place to start your planning is with your date and venue. Prioritize your venue and everything else will fall into place afterwards. We’d recommend determining what type of wedding you want to have. That might be based on weather, season, venue style like estate, barn, or country club. Once you determine those things, it’s a good idea to start touring some locations. Check out some venues in your area and see what dates they have available. Once you choose your venue and lock down your date, you’re ready for step two in this process.


The second step is to book your photographer. Why? Well, like venues, photographers can book up to two years in advance. Once you prioritize your venue then you have the date your wedding is going to take place on. It’s hard to book any other vendor until you have your wedding date locked in. Waiting too long to book your photographer means you run the risk of them not being free on your wedding date. We’re pretty consistently booked a year and a half to two years in advance so we’d suggest booking your photographer sooner than later. If you have your date booked then you have a set day that you can start booking all of your vendors for. So, start with your venue, pick your wedding date then move onto your photographer/videographer. After those two vendors are booked, move on to the rest.

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Where To Begin: Venue & Photographer

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