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Dan + Devon’s engagement at Fairmount Water Works was filled with beautiful light and some seriously great weather. We were in the gap of time during the fall season where the weather was perfect. It’s my favorite time of year to photograph. I don’t end up a sweaty mess or my fingers aren’t frozen solid to the camera. Anyway, Devon + Dan crushed their engagement session! These two were so fun to work with. They went along with all of our crazy poses and games. We can’t wait to shoot with them again later.

Q: How Did Dan Propose?

Dan: We were engaged on December 14, 2019 at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia’s Love Park. I wanted to pick a place near where we met and it just felt like the best place to pull off the surprise proposal. I told Devon we had dinner plans in Center City with two of my friends from work. Once we arrived at the Christmas Village, I told her our friends were running late, and that they’d meet us near one of the present displays. To put it mildly, I was nervous. We weaved through the crowd and arrived at the display. There, I asked a stranger to take our picture with my phone. He agreed and, as soon as we turned around for the picture, I poured my heart out and popped the question. She seemed surprised as I’d hoped and, needless to say, she said, “Yes!” I don’t know who that stranger was, but I owe them another “thank you” for capturing that moment for us. He even took a video!

Q: Did You Celebrate After The Proposal?

After the proposal, our families secretly waited at Pietro’s on South Street, one of the restaurants we went to a few times when we first started dating and continue to love. There, our families executed the perfect second surprise. After a few toasts and our meal with them, I convinced Devon to “grab another drink” with a few of our family members a few blocks away at Brauhaus Schmitz. There, about 25 of our friends waited and surprised her to cap the night off with copious amounts of champagne and, of course, giant German beers. Although the night went off without a hitch, it couldn’t have happened without our supportive family and friends who dropped everything and made the trip into Philadelphia for the night. They all helped make the engagement even more memorable and, if you’re reading this, I truly thank you all for your continued love and support. We can’t wait to celebrate with you next fall!

Devon: December 14th, 2019 was one of the best days of my life! I was completely surprised and I was not expecting it at all. Dan planned the most perfect evening that was full of surprises. From the proposal at Love Park, to dinner with our families at one of our favorite restaurants, then drinks with all of our closest friends, it was a night I will truly never forget.

Q: What’s The Best Part About Being Engaged?

The excitement. The anticipation grows with every step of the planning process.

Q: What Advice Do You Have For Future Couples Planning Their Wedding?

Work together. It is an exciting, but stressful time as you work to plan the best wedding possible. But, working together to communicate with vendors, make key decisions, and solve any problems minimizes the pressure and ensures an enjoyable process and even stronger relationship.

To Dan + Devon:

We had such an incredible time with you at your engagement session at Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia. It’s one of our favorite spots and we love the way the images turned out. Thanks for being on board with all of our ridiculous poses and games and making it so much fun. We can’t wait to show you the rest, but until then we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from you engagement session!

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Engagement at Fairmount Water Works | Dan + Devon


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