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Where Should I Get Into My Wedding Dress?

Wondering where you should get into your wedding dress? This may actually not even be a question that has crossed your mind. The answer is going to depend on a few different factors like if you’re sharing in a first look, or where your ceremony is taking place. We will answer this in two parts and keep it as simple as possible.

Location #1

Location #1 refers to wherever you got your hair and makeup done, assuming that location isn’t a hair salon. This spot is most likely yours or a family member’s home. We suggest getting into your dress here if your ceremony is at a different location than your venue and/or if you are sharing in a first look at a location that is not your venue. This is the easiest option because it will save us time rather than driving to your venue’s bridal suite and then to the church. As long as we have good window light or a nice bright, but shaded area then your “getting in the dress” photos will turn out great!

Location #2

Location #2 refers to your venue’s bridal suite. We suggest getting into your dress at the venue if your ceremony and reception is at the venue as well, and/or if you’re sharing in a first look at your venue. Getting into your dress at the venue means it’ll save time and be more convenient when it’s time for your first look or ceremony. It keeps everything a bit more organized when you’re getting ready at the location of your next event. It also means you’ll be able to take advantage of all the venue has to offer. Lastly, we highly recommend that you and your fiancé get ready in the same location or at least within a 5-10 minute drive. That might be two different hotel rooms in the same hotel, the venue’s bride and groom’s suites, or even a huge airbnb with a guys area in the basement. Doing this means we can easily jump back and forth between you both to capture the getting ready portion of the day.

Don’t let this decision overwhelm you, either location will get you beautiful pictures. Just keep this all in mind when you are deciding where you should get in your wedding dress.

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Getting Ready: Your Wedding Dress

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