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Written by Steph

1. Josiah hates to call for Chinese food. He loves to eat it, but he has such a hard time understanding accents, so I usually do all the calling. Luckily we can order online now so he doesn’t have to worry.

2. Josiah is unable to use a GPS. He relies on them to get to weddings, but there are times where he either turns to soon or too late because he doesn’t understand the picture on the screen.

3. Josiah actually went to school for film, but while in school he found a love for photography. He still likes to make short films with his friends, but photography will always be the front runner.

4. Josiah does a movie review podcast with my dad! They watch movies together and then review them. I love how they get along and have such a great time hanging out and just chatting about movies. You can check them out here

5. You wouldn’t expect this, but he has more shoes than I do! Yes, that’s right! He used to work at a shoe store and was always coming home with new shoes.

6. Josiah loves dogs, he is basically the dog whisperer. Dogs love him too, they will come up to him wherever we are and start to play.

7. Josiah hates to cook. The only things he will voluntarily cook is Pasta, Mac & Cheese, and pizza. I don’t mind though because we have a great system. I cook and he does the dishes (which I hate to do).

8. If Josiah is ever upset give him goldfish. He can go through a box of goldfish in one sitting. It’s fascinating, really.

9. Josiah gets hot very fast. It can be winter and he has to take his jacket off because he is so hot. Its pretty entertaining since he just yells “I’M HOT” and starts taking off his jacket regardless of what he’s doing –most of the time it’s driving…

10. Josiah absolutely loves his business. Most of our conversations in the car end up talking about our future brides or how to grow our business even more. It is so sweet seeing how much he cares about his business and the people we influence every day.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Josiah

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