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Custom Hanger at Abbie Holmes Estate

I’m sure you’ve already scrolled through Etsy for the perfect custom hanger, but on the chance that you haven’t gotten that far in your planning or it slipped your mind, let’s discuss the importance of this hanger. We think a custom hanger is a great little addition to your wedding day and potentially even a great little heirloom piece to pass down to kids in the future or a future daughter in law to use at their wedding. So what should you look for when ordering a custom hanger?

We highly suggest grabbing a custom hanger that is first and foremost a wooden hanger. Using a wooden hanger will instantly take your dress photos to the next level. It looks way classier than your thousand dollar dress hanging on a cheap plastic hanger. If you can get a wooden hanger that has a custom saying bent into the wiring like your new last name or your wedding date then that makes it even more special! We can even use this hanger in more than just dress photos. Sometimes we’ll include it in your general detail photos and it looks beautiful.

We thought we’d write this quick blog for you to start thinking about that and ordering it before your wedding so we can use it on the wedding day. If you forget, no worries! We try and bring a wooden hanger with us to every wedding so we can create those beautiful, classy dress shots. Other than that, just something to think about with your planning.

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Getting Ready: Custom Hanger

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