Wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey

Bill + Kaitlyn

We had the privilege of photographing another wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey in Elizabethtown, PA. A few years back we photographed and were in the wedding of Fazad + Lauren at this venue, and today we are celebrating with our friends Bill + Kaitlyn! They also recently announced that they were expecting a new baby later this year which made their wedding day extra special. Due to COVID, this was their second wedding day. They got married on their original date one year ago and finally got the chance to celebrate and dance the night away with their extended friends and family.

A favorite moment of ours consisted of Bill constantly touching Kaitlyn’s belly during their first look and ceremony. It was really cute to see how excited he was to be a dad. We loved watching them and their friends tear it up on the dance floor. Watching Bill’s reaction and Kaitlyn’s dad’s reaction to seeing Kaitlyn in the dress for the first time also put a huge smile on our face. There were just too many awesome moments from their wedding that we just can’t list all of them. Instead, just keep scrolling to see a little sneak peek from their wedding day.

To Bill + Kaitlyn:

We love you guys and are so excited for you both to become parents! Happy 1st anniversary as well! Celebrating with you was so much fun and we wish we could do it all over again! Thanks for trusting us with your photos and we really hope you enjoy this sneak peek from your wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey!

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June 22, 2021



  1. Kaitlyn says:

    You guys are seriously the BEST!!!

  2. Lauren McKeown says:

    This is the most deserving couple of a day as gorgeous as this!!! So happy to see Mr. and Mrs. Gregg officially celebrate their love like it was always meant to be celebrated!

  3. Chelsea Gavetti says:

    PERFECT pictures to go along with the most perfect day ever!!! Absolutely love everything about this post! Congrats Kait & Bill!

  4. Allison says:

    Such beautiful pictures!

  5. Dylan DiPhillipo says:

    You guys were great!! Best pictures for the best wedding!!

  6. Michelle Gregg says:

    You guys truly captured how wonderful this day was! Beautiful pictures to remember the best day ever!!!

  7. Haley ODonnell says:

    Truly amazing day and the pictures capture the love and happiness that was shown all day and night!!! Amazing !!

  8. Kelly says:

    Had the best time celebrating the two of you! These pictures are stunning! Congrats to the Greggs

  9. Maggie Tracz says:

    Great job on the pictures, such a lovely couple beautiful day, Amazon time, congratulations Kaitlyn,Bill.

  10. Talia says:

    Such a fun wedding! The pictures are beautiful!!!!

  11. KJ says:

    Stunning photos capturing the perfect moments of a beautiful couple surrounded by the love of so many family and friends.

  12. Jeffrey Olson says:

    Bill looks like a hunk of meat and kait looks fire in that dress

  13. Jessica says:

    So beautiful!!!

  14. Patti Lehman says:

    A picture perfect day! Gorgeous pictures, beautiful bride, handsome groom and very pretty venue. Oh, and lots of fun.

  15. Sinead says:

    So beautiful!!

  16. Marian Murray says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!

  17. Bruce Jr says:

    Awesome pictures!! Awesome night!

  18. kathleen wyant says:


  19. Mike Murray says:

    Excellent day celebrating a great couple , Bill and Kait , a beautiful day and nice venue , a great time was had by all !!

  20. Jill says:

    Best wedding ever!! Such amazing pictures!

  21. Donna Gregg says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding! A perfect day.

  22. dad says:

    perfect day, perfect wedding, perfect bride & groom! the pics are awesome.

  23. Mom Marf says:

    Absolutely Stunning! It could not have been a more beautiful day for the both of you! Thanks to Josiah & Steph for the great sneak peeks! Love you both

  24. Billy gregg says:

    The pictures are awesome!

  25. Ryan Monaghan says:

    Pictures came out incredible! One of the most fun nights of my life. Couldn’t be happier for Bill and Kait.

  26. Brandon says:

    Oh what a night!! Great pictures to capture it. Kait needed no help but they even make Billy look like a stud!

  27. Pat says:

    Perfect pictures for a perfect day congrats Bill and Kait

  28. Shannon Crawford says:

    Absolutely beautiful photographs. Every one is perfection just like the beautiful couple. You captured their special day perfectly.

  29. Matt says:

    Awesome pictures that captured the fun that was had by everyone in attendance.

  30. Terrence Jacob says:

    Great job on the pictures! Was awesome to get to work with you guys! The oakley sunglass pic should be an AD!

  31. Pat says:

    What great photos! You really captured the love in the air.

  32. Mike says:

    Great photos of an amazing wedding.

  33. Ryan says:

    Awesome pics! What a great time!

  34. Steve says:

    Pictures capture the night perfectly!

  35. Robert Glenn says:

    Great pics! The best wedding ever too!!

  36. Lindsey Romoff says:

    Amazing photos and SUCH a fun time!!!! Xoxoxo

  37. Stephen says:

    Awesome pictures. Was such a perfect day 🙂

  38. Dan says:

    Great pictures! Congrats Billy & Kait!

  39. Anna says:

    Showing all the love……..Awesome photos to capture awesome memories❣️

  40. Kathy Gregg says:

    Beautiful pictures! It was a wonderful day! Everything was perfect! I’m so happy for Billy and Kait! The pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest!💖

  41. Vincenza Cuvin says:

    ONE OF THE BEST WEDDINGS EVER! The photography proves it!!!!

  42. Marquisha says:

    Beautiful photos, it was a perfect day!!

  43. Brianna Madden says:

    Oh my goodness these pictures are beautiful!!! The first look made my heart absolutely SMILE!

  44. Tim says:

    The wedding and venue were fantastic. Also the pictures turned out to be amazing, had such an amazing time. Thanks Bill and Kait for the invite!

  45. Bodhi says:

    Loved being the ring bearer and being part of the day! Great pictures!

  46. Nick cashin says:

    Pictures are great! Perfect wedding for two of the best people I know ! Now let’s get the little one here now and let the real fun begin
    Congratulations Bill and Kaitlyn happy for ya

  47. John says:

    Stunning photos! Stunning couple!

  48. Emily says:

    So happy for Kaitlyn and Bill. We were so glad to be part of your special day. Eliza is still talking about it!

  49. Katey Williams says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! You can seriously see what we all witnessed that day through these pictures. We saw pure happiness and love for one another. I can’t wait to see the rest!!

  50. DJ says:

    Best looking couple I know !

  51. Dean Keeney says:

    You guys look incredible, congrats on the big day!

  52. Brett Q says:

    Pictures look fantastic, congrats 1

  53. Shelby says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! Such a perfect day for an amazing couple

  54. […] We love working with all of our couples, but there are just some people you connect with more than others. Jeff and Chelsea are certainly those people. Our entire goal is to always become friends first, and photographers second. We want to be friends with cameras on the wedding day and it was easier than ever before with these two. But the former couples who they found us through have been people we would choose to work with over and over again because they’re just so wonderful (lookin’ at you Jim + Alyssa and Bill + Kaitlyn). […]

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