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Wedding planning is crazy right!? There’s so many things to do and dates to hit and the entire time you’re just wondering if you’re doing it correctly. One of the biggest things that affects your timeline of wedding planning is your Save the Dates and Invitations. When do they get sent out exactly? This is a pretty quick blog that will answer those questions.

Save the Dates

Your Save the Dates should go out somewhere around 6 months before the wedding. Any longer than that and it’s too long unless you’re having a destination wedding and then a year in advance is advisable. Unless you’re a wedding vendor, you don’t plan out your life a year in advance. I can tell you what we’re doing a year and a half from now on a weekend in October. It’s actually a bit insane to think about, but most people will start planning vacations, trips, or other major events roughly 6 months in advance. That gives your guests enough time to figure out accommodations, travel arrangements and work schedules. To be clear, the Save the Dates should only go out to guests you’re planning on to send an invitation.


Your invitations should be sent out somewhere around 2 months in advance. This will give your guests enough time to clear their schedules, RSVP and book their travel if they’re from out of town. Sending it much earlier than that is okay for destination weddings. Sticking to those times is a common courtesy for guests, especially for those who are out of town and need to figure out an itinerary and accommodations for travel.

So to recap: When to send out invitations & save the dates

Save the Dates go out roughly 6 months in advance
Invitations go out 2 months in advance

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When Should We Send out Invitations & Save the Dates?

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