It all began back in 2003 when a mutual friend introduced the two of us. A shared love of music, our faith and of course movies ultimately turned a middle school friendship into a relationship (and then a marriage in 2015). 

Our relationship has always involved stories and visuals. During high school we didn’t feel like there was all that much to do in the town we grew up in, so watching movies was just what we did when we hung out. Whether that was at the movie theater or at one of our houses, getting lost in a good movie has always been a part of our story.

Who doesn’t love a good movie? We love taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away, or maybe just back in time to 1955. Curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate, our dog, and a film is the perfect way to end the day. Movies allow us to be a fly on the wall, or to imagine life as a someone else. Storytelling was used centuries ago to captivate audiences, whether it was spoken, written or performed on stage. Today, storytelling has transformed into motion pictures perfected over the last century, giving us images and stories we never could have imagined ourselves. Movies inspire us to be better, to pursue our dreams, to never give up, to never surrender, to slow down ‘cause life moves pretty fast, and that there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for. 


The Josiah & Steph Story 

We love taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away, or maybe just back in time to 1955.

It is our honor to document weddings in a way that regardless of how fast the day moves, no small detail is missed. From the tear that rolls down his cheek as she walks down the aisle to the way they lean in and laugh together during the toasts. 

As You Wish

We work with the happiest people on the planet. The very first wedding we photographed left us feeling so happy and excited for our bride and groom. Creating beautiful photos and cinematic video allows us to show our couples what we see on their wedding day. The carefully chosen centerpieces, the texture of the letterpress invitation suite and most importantly, the smiles you share when you realize you’re finally married. Documenting these moments for our couples gives us the greatest joy.

what it’s like to work with us

After your flowers are gone, your dress is preserved and the cake is eaten, your photos will remain for the rest of your marriage as memories you’ll cherish forever.


It’s the happiest day of your lives! Your joy will be infectious. We’ll capture your joy with the biggest smile on our own faces!


We keep things simple. Wedding planning is tough! We streamline the process by providing an easy and exciting experience so you’ll never have to worry.


You won’t just be getting a photographer. 
You’ll get two friends who are in your corner
rooting for you guys every step of the way!



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