Behind The Scenes 2015 - Josiah & Steph Photography

Josiah & Steph Photography

Get ready for some behind the scenes action! This is the first time that we have blogged our behind the scenes images from our weddings, engagements and other shoots! It’ll definitely become a tradition because we love looking back at all of our weddings from 2015!

Life as a wedding photographer is picture perfect, since we’re photographers, of course!

…except it’s not!

Sometimes Steph has a single piece of glitter that lands on her face… clearly, she is super sad about this one piece of glitter.

She also apparently likes to dance into reception halls

There’s often a lot of flattering images of her testing out lighting situations

…and then there is some even more flattering images of her testing out light

She is definitely a people watcher… not sure what caught her eye in this one. Maybe it’s the delicious cake we were eyeing up during the entire reception.

Josiah also does a lot of light testing.

He also likes to pick at peoples hair…

…and isn’t afraid to get in people’s comfort zone

Puppet Master… That’s how I feel anyway during Family Formals.

“Hey. Over here! Hey!!”

Ryan doesn’t seem so thrilled that I’m about to tickle him…

He goes to any length to get the shot. High or low…

Best of all, we get to work with the best people on the planet and we love our job!

Behind The Scenes 2015

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