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Cassi + cae

Josiah and Steph are two of the most lovely people you will ever meet.

It all began back in 2003 when a mutual friend introduced the two of us. A shared love of books and movies ultimately turned a middle school friendship into a relationship (and then a marriage in 2015)

Our relationship has always involved some form of stories. Getting lost in a good movie or an incredible book has always been a part of our story.

We love taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away, or maybe just back in time to 1955. Curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate, our dog, and a film or a book is the perfect way to end the day. Movies allow us to be a fly on the wall, or to imagine life as a someone else. Storytelling has captivated audiences for centuries, whether it was spoken, written or performed on stage. They inspire us to be better, to pursue our dreams, to never give up, to never surrender, to slow down ‘cause life moves pretty fast, and that there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for. 

a husband & wife team based on the philadelphia main line

It always comes back to story

It is our honor to document weddings in a way that regardless of how fast the day moves, no small detail is missed. From the tear that rolls down his cheek as she walks down the aisle to the way they lean in and laugh together during the toasts. 

OUr mindset

documenting your wedding as we would our own family

Our hope is for you to look back on these images in 10, 20, or 50 years from now, and see that each photograph feels full of life, & that your memory releases emotion. These memories aren't for now. They're for 20 years from now. Your wedding day isn't just an event; it's a legacy in the making.

family historians

We don't like to think of ourselves as wedding photographers. Instead, we are photographers at a wedding capturing each moment as it unfolds. We don't want cookie cutter poses that feel like a "wedding photograph." We want images that feel uniquely you, like a piece of art, a collection of fleeting moments you'll cherish forever. 

present over perfect

When we get there on the wedding day, we walk in as friends...not photographers. There is no agenda, no ordering you around. Just the wedding, and excitement. Our goal is to document the day and let it unfold around us photographing it as if we were close friends experiencing it all from the inside rather than being on the outside looking in. We'll give you direction when we feel it is necessary, but in a way that is gentle and easy.

After a decade of doing this, we've learned that the couples who are most present and enjoy their day the most are the ones that don't give a f*ck about if the dress gets dirty, the groom has lipstick on his lips, the tux has makeup smudges, or if it is raining. Being present and letting the day just happen allows us to do our best work, and gives you a day free from worries. Just let it be, and I promise you that in the days and years to come, as you look back on your photos, you will feel more in love with the memories because you had a great time instead of worrying about the small, trivial things like a little dirt on the dress, or the deodorant smudges on the groom's jacket.  

photographers at a wedding

friends with cameras

Documenting Our Own Family

ready to talk?

The in-between...that is where the memories are. We don't want you to remember the forced poses, or the fabricated moments. Instead, we want you to remember the fun, the freedom, the real stuff. The in-between moments where you let the day just be.

After years of marriage, the moments we cherish most from our wedding are those in-between moments. Josiah dancing with his mom on the dance floor. Steph taking a shot of whiskey with her dad in the morning. And all the candid moments.

Of course, we'll get beautiful portraits of the two of you, and give you direction when necessary. But our heart is to capture the perfectly imperfect, the genuine moments, the real you. It's in these unscripted moments that we believe you'll love most because it was real. Wedding photography isn't just about pictures; it's about immortalizing the unspoken words, stolen glances, and laughter-filled embraces. It's up to you to let those in-between moments happen.


the in-between

Vince + grace

William Penn Inn, Pennsylvania

They were creative with their solutions to avoid the rain, calmed my nerves and truly saved our day. 

Kris + Lacey

Pen Ryn Estate, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

they exceeded our expectations, take the time to get to know you, and truly felt like family on our wedding day. 

Max + katie

private residence, pennsylvania

Best decision of our wedding. Period. They were stress relievers on our wedding day and by the end of it they felt like family to us.

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The dress gets dirty. The groom buys the groomsmen kids ties instead of mens. The officiant forgets to tell guests to sit down so they stand for 30 minutes. Your grandmother shows up late to the ceremony. Your aunt is missing for the family photo. This is normal. Don’t forget to enjoy the chaos because chaos creates memories and perfection is overrated. And it's in the crazy moments that stories are formed and the sweetness of life is found. Perfection is overrated!


You've heard it many times: "The wedding day goes by so fast!" It is said for a reason. The most special moments are over before we even realize it. We want your wedding day to be about spending time with those who matter most, not built around taking photos for hours on end. We'll get great stuff, don't worry! We want to give you permission to throw out the idea of perfection and just live, and be in the moment on your wedding day.

be present

We aren't just wedding photographers, but often feel more like a family historian. Photos of you are important, yes. But some of our favorite photos from our own wedding are of our family and friends. When else are you going to have all these people together? We observe and experience the moment with you. Sometimes we're inches from you. Other times we're photographing the moment from a completely different room to give you space to experience it without a camera up your nose. Either way, we document weddings in the way we document our own family: raw, real and genuine.

family historians

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