The Importance of a Wedding Day Timeline

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Why You Should Have A Timeline!

In the beginning of our wedding photography career, we used to just show up without any timeline in hand. We’ll be honest, we didn’t really know what we were doing, but we’ve come a long way since then! We had a general idea of where things would go and hope that it would just work itself out. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen most of the time. Since then, we’ve figured everything out and we create a wedding day timeline based around photography for all of our couples! So without further ado, here are three reasons you need to have a wedding photography timeline!

It Will Keep You On Time (Obviously)!

This one is a no brainer! Of course it will help keep you on time! Practically, it makes much more sense for people to see the physical times allowing everyone to have a better understanding of, for example, how much time is left before the next event. Staying on time is essential to our next point because staying on time or ahead of schedule means…

You Get More Photos!

Because you have a wedding day timeline, it is now easier to stay on time or even get ahead of time meaning you’ll receive more images of you and your fiancé, the two of you with your wedding party, and generally just more images throughout the entire day! We want to get you as many pictures as possible! We’re at most weddings for 8 hours and we deliver about 80 images per hour. If we allotted 30 minutes to get in your dress before you First Look, but you ran 15 minutes behind, then you lost 15 minutes of portraits at your First Look. That said, we work our hardest to make up the time. With a timeline you will more than likely stay on track and it will help create a…

No Stress Wedding Day!

The last reason we suggest having a timeline is because of the stress it can save you! If you know exactly when everything is happening, and know that there’s enough time to get the photos you’ve been dreaming of, then your stress level is going way down! We mean it! Just knowing that everything is in place, structured and planned out down to the minute makes things so much easier! It also means that the chances of running into a hiccup or set back on the wedding day is lower because we’ll have an idea of travel times, dress bustling, and more that could potentially set you back! Running behind by 5 minutes doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you consistently run 5 minutes behind, before you know it you’re 15 minutes behind and you’ll feel like you’re always playing catch up.

The timeline is so important and that’s why we offer it in all of our wedding photography services. We create timelines with you based around your wedding day questionnaire to keep you on time, get you more images and eliminate your stress on your wedding day!

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