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Why We Photograph Weddings & Engagements

I (Josiah) have only seen a handful of photos from my parents wedding… They didn’t hire a professional and from what I understand, regret that decision I think more than anything else from their wedding day. Steph on the other hand, has seen dozens of images from her parent’s wedding. She has a huge book to look through and see all the emotion, love, joy and events that happened on the day of her parents wedding. That is something I’m a bit jealous of…

I realize I sound like a little girl who wants to look through her mom or dad’s wedding photos dreaming about her own wedding, but as someone who is involved in the wedding industry, this is something I would cherish. Those photos would turn into an heirloom that would stay with me and my brothers after my parents pass, and it would be passed to my kids after Steph and I pass. Sorry for the morbid thoughts… These photos are significant to more than just the bride & groom. They are important to the parents, the siblings, the best friends, and the future kids, grandkids and great grandkids. So if you were to ask me, “Why do you shoot weddings and engagements,” I would respond with this…

We shoot weddings and engagements not only for the bride and groom, but for their parents, their siblings, and their future children. We shoot to capture memories knowing that they will live on for years, decades and potentially centuries. We shoot to freeze time, a moment that will never happen exactly the same again in your lifetime, and place it in a frame for you to peer into. As if it were a window that you can look into from the outside and see a memory, part of your life, your friends, your parents or even great grandparents lives, and experience it for yourself all over again. We won’t remember everything that we experience, but we can be reminded by the photographs. We shoot to serve the couple we are with, to give them a fun and personal experience. We shoot for the family that loves the bride and groom and for the family that is yet to come. We shoot to remember, to share, and to serve.

That is why we shoot. Three years after shooting our first wedding, we never thought we would be where we are today with 20 weddings lined up for this year. We have met some really amazing couples who feel like we have known our entire lives. To us, it’s the people that make this whole thing worth it!


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March 22, 2016



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