Meet Chance - Josiah & Steph Photography

This is Chance.

He is the newest addition to the Blizzard family. Steph and I met him at an All 4 Paws meet and greet at World of Beer in Exton last month. We originally went to meet another dog named Bentley who actually never showed up. Instead, we met Chance! He was so well behaved, calm yet still full of energy and he was happy. He took a liking to us and allowed us to pet him and get in his face for like 15 minutes while he gave us kisses.

Within an hour of meeting him we decided to put in an application. Turns out he was already in talks to be adopted by another family but if for some reason they weren’t ready to adopt him then the rescue would contact us next. This was all on Monday evening.

The next morning I get an email asking if we were ready to rescue Chance that week because the other family decided they weren’t ready for him. We immediately said yes and on Thursday we showed up to the rescue and brought Chance home. That was 6 weeks ago!

We cannot believe that we have had him for that long! It’s crazy! He is such a wonderful dog and we couldn’t have rescued a better pup!

Meet Chance

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