A Cold November Wedding at Kylan Barn in Delmar, Maryland | Noah + Caitlin - Josiah & Steph Photography

A Kylan Barn Wedding

Last weekend I got to photograph the wedding of one of my best friend’s and college roommates at Kylan Barn in Delmar, Maryland. Noah and I roomed together sophomore year and senior year, although, he was in my room junior year pretty nonstop due to some reasons I won’t bore you with here. I remember Noah being interested in Caitlin for what felt like the majority of senior year, however, they didn’t officially start dating until the day after we graduated and I left for home. Nonetheless, I was very excited to hear they were officially together!

They’ve come so far. Caitlin was once the girl he annoy that lived 1 floor below him during freshman year. Their wedding this past weekend at Kylan Barn was so much fun! I was in the wedding as well and that put some extra pressure on Steph to get the shots all on her own, but I think she did a fabulous job. Despite the cold and the windy weather, Noah and Caitlin killed their portraits. It was a far change from their engagement session the year before. Caitlin nearly wanted to murder me for keeping her outside in the cold, but I think it was all worth it because their photos turned out so beautifully!

We loved watching every aspect of their wedding, and yes, I did cry during the ceremony. Not full on bawling, but when Noah’s mother started talking about how she prayed for his future wife before ever knowing Caitlin, that totally got me and our other college roommate, Jason, who was standing behind me. It was an incredible weekend and I wish we could go back and do it all over again.

To Noah + Caitlin:

Since I didn’t give a toast at your wedding, I’ll share it with you now. You two are some of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met in my life. You’re incredibly hard headed and you stick to your guns no matter what. It’s quite admirable at times and frustrating at others. Despite that, you’re also two of the funniest, genuine and enjoyable people to be around. Rather than advising you to get rid of your stubbornness, I encourage you to bring it into your marriage, but use it differently.

Be patient with one another, and be stubborn together. You’re officially a team so be stubborn and fight for your marriage, fight for each other because hard times will come, but as long as you have each other’s backs and fight against those difficulties together, ya’ll will be alright. I am so thrilled for you guys. It only took me leaving college for ya’ll to officially get together. Also, I’m #TeamRedhead for whenever you decide to have children. Steph and I love you both!

A Cold November Wedding at Kylan Barn in Delmar, Maryland | Noah + Caitlin


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