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A few blogs ago, we spoke about the important of light. We explained that we are primarily natural light photographers and that means that we rely on the sun and available light in the area to create beautiful images for you. When it comes to getting ready and choosing a location to get your hair and make up done and get into your dress, we want you to think about a place that has a lot of open space and bright window light. The window light is the most important factor because unlike lamps and other light sources, window light will create a beautiful soft light source that will allow for flattering portraits.

We’ll often move you around in the getting ready space to find the most flattering light source for you to get in your dress. Sometimes this is in the living room near the largest window in the house. Sometimes it’s in the front yard under the porch, in the shade. Other times it’s in a crowded hotel room in front of the window in your suite. Whatever we choose, it always comes down to the lighting. We can declutter the background and block the trash and mess by having your bridesmaids stand in front of it, but we can’t alter the lighting. That window light is so key (kudos if you understand that lighting pun) to capturing great portraits for you.

So when you’re thinking about where to get ready, look at the windows and available natural light flowing into the space because that can make or break a getting ready location.

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Getting Ready: Window Light

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