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Vows at First Look at Flourtown Country Club

Are you and your fiance going back and forth on whether or not you should write your own vows? Maybe you really want to because it makes things personal and special, but you don’t necessarily want to stand up in front of nearly 200 people and read them aloud to everyone. We get it. That’s totally okay! Steph and I didn’t read our vows to one another, but we did write notes to one another that included vows. If we got married all over again, we’d take it even further or to the next level and write vows for the first look.

When To Read Them

We highly encourage the reading of personal vows at the first look, especially if you have a wedding video with us or another videographer. This makes for a beautiful, intimate, and private moment between the two of you. It also allows for us to capture your emotion and vows easier without having to think about being in the way of 200 people. Last, and not least, it allows for your videographer to have even more video and audio to use within your wedding film. We highly encourage the reading of notes or vows to one another because it makes your video that much more special with your notes or vows being read along with the visual images of you both together. See what we mean by watching Ryan + Lauren’s video here.

This is such a wonderful moment to share before you officially walk down the aisle and tie the knot. It’ll also calm your nerves and really dial up the emotions making the rest of the day even more meaningful. Write vows that you’ll love and that are special to you both and then during the ceremony, stay traditional and read the vows you’ll often hear at a wedding. It’s your day. You do you, but we think that writing vows for your first look is a beautiful thing to do.

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Vows at First Look

Why You Should Write Vows For the First Look

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