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What is Your Approach to Shooting Weddings?

Welcome back to another FAQ blog! Today, well you probably already know since you clicked on the title, but I’ll repeat it here anyway, is all about our approach to shooting weddings. How do we go about it? This sounds a little bit daunting of a question to answer, but when we simplify it down to “how do we approach working with you at your wedding,” then it becomes a bit easier to answer.

We approach working with you and photographing your wedding with one thing in mind. That one thing is joy. That joy encompasses happiness, smiles, laughter, and fun. Your wedding day is first and foremost, a joyous celebration of love. Expect us to get loads of smiles out of you and for your cheeks to hurt by the end of the day. We approach the day with an upbeat attitude with the goal of making the photography aspect as fun as possible for you both. We want you to be stress free and relaxed. We’ll take care of this section of the day so all you have to worry about is being together.

We often say that if we’re not having fun, then we’re not doing it right. So that’s how we approach weddings. We want it to be the best day of your life thus far and will do practically anything to make that happen.

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FAQ: Our Approach

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