A Fall Engagement in Valley Forge Park | Daniel + Shannon - Josiah & Steph Photography

We had such an awesome time with Daniel + Shannon for their fall engagement in Valley Forge Park. The leaves were just hitting peak color at this point and we had some wonderful weather for late October. Being in front of camera is always a really intimidating experience, and I could tell that there were some nerves going on at the start. We reassured them that after a few minutes, it’ll start to feel more normal. Sure enough, once we got into the session, started playing some posing games, and got Daniel + Shannon laughing, they instantly became pros! These two really crushed their engagement session! They’re also so nice and easy to chat with!

Q: How Did Daniel Propose?

Daniel proposed to me on June 20th, 2020 at the place where we first met, Kerr Park in Downingtown. He arranged a picnic lunch with my favorite sandwich and caprese salad. For dessert, he pulled out a Kinder Egg. I didn’t even know what a Kinder Egg was until I met Daniel. He used to have them around Easter as a child and it became something special that we shared together every once in awhile. Kinder eggs have one side that is chocolate and the other side has a plastic toy. When he handed me the Kinder egg, it was still sealed and didn’t look tampered with at all. I opened up the egg and inside, where the toy should have been, was the ring. I was so happy and Daniel was so excited!

Q: Did I expect it?

When I saw Daniel in a nice button down shirt for a picnic in the grass, I thought something had to be up. The Kinder Egg kind of threw me off. I thought he was going to hand me a ring, ya know.

Q: What Advice Do You Have For Future Couples Planning Their Wedding?

Make sure you work within a budget. Figure out what part of the wedding is most important to you. There are so many checklists and you don’t have to check off every single box. That could get expensive. For instance, Daniel and I don’t need a limo to have the perfect wedding. Don’t worry too much about the extras that don’t excite you.

When asked what their favorite part of being engaged is, Shannon answered with the anticipation that I get to call Daniel my husband in a year. Daniel said he loves seeing how happy my family and friends are about us being happy.

To Daniel + Shannon:

We loved hanging with you guys during your session! You guys crushed it! We can’t wait to do it all over again next year at your wedding, but until then, we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from you fall engagement at Valley Forge Park!

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A Fall Engagement in Valley Forge Park | Daniel + Shannon


  1. Kimberly says:

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