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From Donald Draper to James Bond, even Barney Stinson, a well-tailored suit makes a man look most striking. If your groom doesn’t own one yet, now is the perfect time to invest in something that he’ll wear for the rest of his life! And… it’s a lot less expensive than you may think! Custom suits can cost thousands of dollars, but most well known and popular brands have off-the-rack suits in their stores that are a fraction of the price. Gray and Navy are a strong compliment to most women’s outfits, whereas pinstripes or plaid tends to distract the eye. There’s no substitute for a well tailored suit, just make sure you find out your measurements before buying! Keep reading to get some tips for engagement style for grooms!

Mix It Up

Mixing a suit coat, blazer or sport coat with a different pant color looks really, really great! Grey blazer and maroon pants, or a blue blazer and khakis or grey pants look really great and that’s just three combinations. Variety provides some extra visual interest and can be more fun than wearing two full suits in a row.

Layered Looks

Next time you’re in J. Crew or H&M, pay attention to what the male models or mannequins are wearing. They are most likely layered. Layers on men look great, so even when it’s hot, trust us that a couple hours of discomfort is so worth looking your best for photos that you’ll have for a lifetime! Blazers, vests and coats up the level of any look! If weather permits, even a v-neck sweater with a splash of color from a long sleeved collared shirt and tie underneath. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative!

It’s All in the Details

For the most sophisticated and masculine look, go with those long pants and closed-toed shoes. They take the attention away from his legs and feet while placing it where you want it: on the face you fell in love with. It’s best to leave the shorts, sandals and sometimes jeans at home, too. Suit pants, dress pants, chinos/colored pants work best. Brown leather dress shoes compliment pretty much every outfit, whether he’s wearing full suit or a blazer and colored pants. Add some pop with a tie, bowtie, pocket square, colored socks, belts, tie clips, suspenders, vests and watches. They’re such great compliments to any suit.

If you bring two suits to the session, you can always start with a traditional necktie and belt then maybe switch to suspenders and a bowtie for a second look. If the two suits are too stressful, then no worries! One look will do the trick! Mixing and matching accessories to compliment both of her dresses without doing a full change during the session is a piece of cake.

Let’s get you GQ status for your engagement session! You definitely won’t regret it!

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February 3, 2021



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