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COVID has come and gone and for a while there, we really thought the micro wedding was going to stick around for a bit longer. Photographing those micro weddings throughout 2020 was so cool. It was a chance for us to see a different type of wedding and to see couples inject their own personality into their wedding day. The wedding fully revolved around the couple and not around the guests. It was completely about celebrating the couple. It was about the marriage itself and not about making sure the guests were having a great time. It also wasn’t about the details and the way the wedding looked. Don’t get me wrong. We love gorgeous details and pretty aesthetics, and loads of guests partying and celebrating with you, but when that takes precedence over the marriage and the celebration of the couple then it will affect your stress and memory of the wedding day. So what’s the solution? Don’t lose your personality in your wedding.

Be You

Don’t lose yourself in the wedding planning. Keep your personality involved. If you only want 50 people at your wedding, do it. If you want to elope just the two of you, do it. If you want to a specific type of ceremony, or you don’t want a reception, or you want to do something outside the norm, do it! If it’s what you want to do as a couple, we are fully on board with that.

Don’t lose your personality just because it’s what you parents, or your friends, or Pinterest is telling you to do. It’s your wedding day and there are no rules except the ones you make up. Do you want a wedding in your backyard? Do you want to rent out an airbnb and invite 30 people to backyard Airbnb wedding? Do you want to integrate a special event into your ceremony that no one has ever seen, do it! There are no rules except the ones you make for yourself. Have the wedding you want to have and not the one you’re pressured to have.

Just a few thoughts from a wedding photographer who has seen dozens of couples pressured to have weddings based around other people and not around them.

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Don’t lose your personality

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