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Mitchell + Melissa

We had the nicest weather and the most gorgeous golden hour lighting earlier this week during Mitchell and Melissa’s Valley Forge Park engagement. We’ve known Mitchell for years. While we were never close friends, we always remembered him being very kind and easy going. We’re happy to report that nothing seems to have changed. Getting to photograph him and Melissa was so fun, and they made our jobs easy. Melissa is a perfect match for Mitchell. They’re both so easy to be around and make anyone they’re spending time with instantly comfortable. Their wedding next year is going to be so much fun and we can’t wait to be a part of that!

Q: Tell us your full proposal story. When did it happen? How were you feeling? Did you expect it?

We got engaged in late April 2021. It was just a quiet Saturday morning that we spent around town. We walked to our favorite local French bakery to get delicious pastries and ate them outside! After a leisurely walk back to our apartment, we were just hanging out in our living room listening to records when Mitchell proposed. He pulled off some sneaky maneuvers one day while I was at work to get the ring in our apartment without me knowing!

Q: What’s been your favorite part about being engaged?

One of the best parts is being able to say fiancé instead of boyfriend/girlfriend!

Q: What advice do you have for other couples planning their weddings?

Focus on the biggest decisions first, like picking a venue, can help make the initial stages of planning feel less overwhelming! Often venues will have preferred vendors lists that can help you narrow your search for other aspects, and it will be such a relief to have the big decisions out of the way.

To Mitchell + Melissa:

Thanks so much for trusting us with your engagement photos! We loved spending some time with you both, getting to officially meet Melissa, and we can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year. Your fully gallery is coming soon, but until then, we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek at some of our favorite images from your Valley Forge Park engagement session.

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Valley Forge Park Engagement


  1. Elaine Barton says:

    I loved all of the pictures!!!!!!!!! Of course since Melissa is my granddaughter, any picture of her is special. You made them look so natural and their happiness shines through every picture!!!!!! Thank you for taking them!

  2. Karen Laudico says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!💖 Great job capturing Melissa & Mitchell’s love!!

  3. Mary Ann Laudico says:

    What beautiful pictures! You can just feel the love they have for each other. Thank you for sharing your love with us.

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