Sayen House And Gardens Engagement

Cody & Kristen

We met up with Cody & Kristen for their engagement at Sayen House And Gardens in Hamilton, New Jersey earlier this week. The weather was perfect and we had some beautiful lighting. When we asked if they enjoyed getting their photo taken, they both said they didn’t necessarily love it. Although by the amount of laughter and smiles they shared, I would say they really enjoyed themselves. It’s always our goal to make sure the people we’re photographing are having fun and are comfortable in front of camera. Along with that, we want the session to end with them feeling more connected than they did prior to the engagement session. Both Cody & Kristen did a fantastic job and we were able to share some really wonderful moments together.

To Cody & Kristen:

Thanks so much for trusting us with your photos! We had a wonderful time with you both and can’t wait to do it all over again at the wedding next year! We’re working hard on the rest of your images, but until their finished, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement at Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton, New Jersey.


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July 19, 2022



  1. Janet Stoppiello says:

    Absolutely beautiful engagement pictures! You have truly captured their love for each other!!

  2. Gina pappianne says:

    OBSESSED WITH THESE! Beautiful couple

  3. Mary Cambridge says:

    These are absolutely stunning! I can feel the love in every picture.

  4. Gaetana says:

    Such beautiful photos!! Kristen and Cody’s love shines so brightly and is captured perfectly in these photos 🙂 well done!

  5. Melissa says:

    Yay great pics!

  6. Joshua Fritter says:

    Nice job guys, keep up the good work

  7. Cj romano says:

    Awesome !

  8. Nicolas Perrone says:

    Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful couple – absolutely gorgeous

    ps. Beer Shirt

  9. Brad Gross says:

    Wow I love these, y’all are too cute

  10. Dan Pasquariello says:

    Beautiful pictures for the beautiful couple 😍

  11. Kate Stoppiello says:

    These are absolutely amazing engagement photos! Each picture is so beautiful ☺️ So much love shines through!

  12. Joseph Sauickie says:

    You two are so perfect! I love these pics!

  13. Jenna says:


  14. Trevor Thompson says:

    Great lighting and great couple!

  15. Davis says:

    You guys are insanely cute. Great pictures!

  16. Kevin Silverstein says:

    These are amazing! So happy for you both!

  17. Nick says:

    You both look great, amazing pictures. Can’t wait for the wedding

  18. Victor Signorelli says:

    Jesus Christ these photos are incredible. Such perfect moments captured!

  19. Clyde says:

    Amazing pics!! Cody and Kristen look absolutely stunning. What a couple!!

  20. Kevin Conklyn says:

    They say love is a blossom tree that has no winter. May you both be the tree and your love be the endless supply of water. Truly magnificent

  21. Brian Ruglio says:

    Wow! Really great pictures! Those two look like a god and goddess ready to rule the world. Classy

  22. Daria says:

    So so beautiful!!

  23. Mitch says:

    Great work guys

  24. Sam Kamphausen says:

    AMAZING! These are unbelievable! Two of my favorite humans❤️

  25. Ashley Baker says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Absolutely stunning! I love all of these! 🤍 such a perfect couple


    You both look so happy,
    Great photos!
    Can’t wait to see you.
    Love Ronda

  27. Dustin Baker says:

    This is what fairytales are written after

  28. Juniper Baker says:

    Wow!! These are beautiful!

  29. Lisa Signorelli says:

    These pictures are beautiful! It’s going to be hard to choose. One of my favorites is with Kristen‘s heel kicked up. So pretty and so natural. I also like the one you’re holding hands further apart. Our family is growing!! Great job capturing the love and silliness you have for each other in these pictures. Love you both 💕💕

  30. Heather Signorelli says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! ❤️

  31. Kristen Root says:

    Quality photos! Beautiful couple! Congrats and can’t wait to celebrate!

  32. Joeli Ramos says:

    So cute! These pictures are beautiful 😍 can’t pick a favorite, it’s all too good!

  33. Peter Brooks says:

    Great work guys

  34. Sabrina Signorelli says:

    These came out so nice! Can’t wait for Kristen to finally be a part of our family!

  35. Rocco Fiore says:

    Beautiful couple!!!!

  36. Brenda Signorelli says:

    Love you both so much! These pictures are amazing and truly capture your love and personalities!!

  37. Kate Weinberger says:

    I’m obsessed with these pictures and you guys ❤️ Can’t wait for the wedding! Xo

  38. Kerry says:

    Great job the pictures are so beautiful Cody and Kristen do look like they are having fun. Can’t wait to celebrate their love.

  39. Taylor von Bartheld says:

    So beautiful!! Congratulations!

  40. Tori says:

    Congratulations Cody & Kristen!! These photos are a beautiful tribute of the love you have for each other. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness & laughter!

  41. Vincent Cestone says:

    This one is my favorite!

  42. Lisa says:

    Such beautiful pictures and they really do look like their having fun! Congratulations! 💕

  43. Janet says:

    Congratulations! Great pictures!

  44. Tammy says:

    So beautiful. You both look so happy. Congratulations and best wishes to you both

  45. Jim says:

    Wow! Great pictures!! ⭕️

  46. Leslie Wall says:

    These are so beautiful!!! Congrats to the happy couple!

  47. Kristen says:

    We are so so happy with how these came out!! Thank you!

  48. Cody sig says:

    Wow, kristen looks absolutely beautiful.

  49. Melissa Vanegas says:

    Beautiful!!! I cannot wait ❤️❤️

  50. Susana says:

    Congratulations Cody and Kristen! You both look amazing! Love how these pictures capture how happy (and adorable) you are. Beautiful!

  51. Rob says:

    Great shots for a great couple!

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