A Dreamy Engagement Session at Nemours Estate

Daniel & Sydney

We recently met up with Daniel and Sydney for their dreamy engagement session at Nemours Estate in Wilmington, Delaware. It was so incredible. We had the very best weather of the year so far, and the place all to ourselves… except for the 3 little old ladies who were clearly tourist that were taking pictures of all the gates and gardens. Daniel and Sydney were both nervous at the beginning, but they turned that awkward feeling into laughter and by the 20 minute mark, they were complete naturals. We ended up wandering around Nemours for 90 minutes before popping over to Torbert Street Social, a bar in Wilmington, for a few photos. This place was a serious vibe, and we ended the session with a little bit of champagne to celebrate.

Q: Tell us your story. How did the proposal happen?

We started our vacation, sailing the Greek islands for 10 days. On June 6, 2022 we docked in Mykonos. Dan took me out on the pier in front of all the white building and beautiful bright blue water! I had no idea until he grabbed my hand and I could feel him shaking. At that moment i was like omg it’s happening! He then got down on one knee! I was in shocked! My jaw dropped and I started jumping up and down! Dan said he was so nervous, he couldn’t sleep for days! It was the best day!

Q: What’s the best part about being engaged?

It’s exciting to start our own little family just the two of us for now! Also being able to share it with all our family and friends and getting so excited for the wedding!

Q: Any advice for other couples planning their own weddings?

Don’t rush the planning process! Take it day by day and enjoy it! It’s so fun being able to plan your dream wedding!

To Daniel & Sydney:

We had the very best time with you both! Thanks for powering through some of that awkward energy up front and completely crushing it on camera! You were both so much fun to photograph, and we seriously cannot wait to do it all over again later this year! Until then, we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of your dreamy engagement session at Nemours Estate!


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April 17, 2023



  1. Sydney Carter says:

    Obsessed is an understatement! We had so much fun working with you!! We can’t thank you enough!!

  2. Christine Carter says:

    Amazing photos! Love the natural feel!

  3. Shaun Carter says:

    These photographs came out awesome !!! You guys look so happy in all of these pictures!! What an exciting time it is for you guys ! Can’t wait for the big day !!! Ily

  4. Barbara chelpaty says:

    Fabulous photos!!!

  5. patty says:

    Beautiful couple in a beautiful venue!!

  6. Jennie Faith says:

    Love, love, love!!! Can’t wait to share your special day with you both!!!

  7. Michelle Zechman says:

    Gorgeous!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  8. Luke says:

    I love love

  9. Jake says:

    This pictures came out awesome!

  10. Tricia Szymanski says:

    Just gorgeous!!! Beautiful couple and great venues for pics !!!!

  11. Heather says:

    Great photos!
    Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys on your wedding day.

  12. Natalie says:

    So excited for Sydney to join our family. I’m finally getting a sister!

  13. Scott Meyer says:

    You Guys look GREAT. I Love Love!!

  14. Madi says:

    Gorgeous ! Stunning ! Beautiful!

  15. Makenzy says:

    LOVE IS IN THE AIR !! so excited for these two to get married

  16. Tracy Olsen says:

    Beautiful pictures. Love them all. Can’t wait to celebrate you two!!!

  17. Peyton Carter says:

    These turned out amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous photos and couple 😉 cant wait to celebrate!!

  18. Luiza says:

    These look like they’re straight out of a magazine!! Stunning!

  19. Lori Culnane says:

    Beautiful couple, great photos in a gorgeous venue!!

  20. Michaela Ribeiro says:

    These people, these photos, the bar pics!!!!! Everything is perfect. So obsessed!

  21. Laurie Stewart says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to celebrate!

  22. Kirsten Burton says:


  23. Shannon Zignoli says:

    Goals goals goals 😭🫶🏼🤍

  24. Brittany frinzi says:

    Throwing up omg. Can not wait for the big day even more! So beautiful

  25. Haylee Ricci says:

    These are absolutely stunning

  26. Shelly says:

    I’m so obsessed with this couple and these pics!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with them!!!

  27. Marion says:

    Loved the story of their engagement and pictures showed their love for each other. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures.

  28. Gail says:

    Beautiful couple make beautiful photos!

  29. Suz says:

    These are amazing! Beautiful pictures!

  30. Nikki says:

    Omg I’m in love!!!

  31. Linda says:

    The picture r so so beautiful.They did a wonderful job of my beautiful granddaughter and her handsome husband to be.Love them both

  32. Jay Carter says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  33. Stephanie Muir says:

    Absolutely stunning! Their love shines through in every photo.

  34. Kelly Gale says:

    Absolutely amazing! I love the black and white photos !Can’t wait for this wedding!

  35. Brett Bartow says:

    Beautiful pics! U can tell u aren’t married yet because all u do is kiss! 😁

  36. Geri B says:

    Beautiful pictures- love the black and white- the setting is great too. best of luck.

  37. Marne Morgan says:

    What an adorable couple! Good luck!

  38. Frank Schumann says:

    Awesome pictures!!! You both look fantastic!!

    I love the black and white photos

  39. Tracy Carter says:

    What a beautiful place to get married at make memories of a lifetime with friends n family.
    Absolutely beautiful pictures ….. I love them all.

  40. Kim Garabo says:

    Gorgeous photos + gorgeous couple! xoxo

  41. Jack Gale says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple getting ready to start their amazing journey. Love u both.

  42. Allison Wright says:

    This photo shoot was amazing! We can’t wait to celebrate with you all!! 😍

  43. Jim Wright says:

    Beautiful couple. Amazing pics. Can’t wait for the wedding

  44. Tony Chel says:

    beautiful photos! You are the most photogenic couple

  45. Kristen says:

    These are absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine what the wedding photos will look like!!!

  46. Chelsea Siegfried says:

    Absolutely stunning! So very happy for you both!

  47. Ashley Rodriguez says:

    So pretty! I wish I had some pictures like this when I was engaged.

  48. Morgan Warmuth says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning, you guys make an adorable couple! So happy for the both of you and wish you two nothing but the best!

  49. Tara Warmuth says:

    Beautiful photos of you both. Congratulations and much happiness for a life time!

  50. Maddie Warmuth says:

    congrats to both of you! these pictures are beautiful, wishing all good things <3

  51. Madison Williams says:

    You two are so lovely. These pictures are beautiful. So happy for you guys!

  52. Jordan Bartow says:

    You guys look great! Can’t wait to cya at the wedding

  53. Keith Moravec says:

    Beautiful couple and photos! Congratulations Dannt and Sidney!!!

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