An Evening Engagement in Philadelphia

Andrew & Skyler

We finally got to photograph Andrew & Skyler! We’ve known Skyler and her family for years, and have photographed them on multiple occasions, and we couldn’t be more excited to create some great photographs for this family. Andrew and Skyler have always been together in our minds, and so we were so thrilled to hear they got engaged, and that they wanted to us to photograph the wedding. Photographing for friends and family is always wonderful, and we’re honored to have that opportunity. These two were so incredibly easy to photograph… even in the 98 degree weather we had during their session. They crushed it! It was so much fun and we can’t wait to do it all over again at the wedding!

Q: How did the proposal go down?

We got engaged April 10, the day after Easter. Andrew wanted it to be a surprise, so he worked hard on coordinating it with a bunch of people while not wanting to risk giving it away. I had been anticipating the proposal for months and was more than ready to be engaged. I knew it was coming soon, but I didn’t know just how soon! When I came home from school for Easter break, I had been picking up on suspicious vibes from Andrew. Things that he would usually say, “I don’t care, whatever you want!” about, he had carefully planned.

However, there was a lot going in our families at the time, so I doubted that he could have put a plan together around it all. Andrew had some nervous moments; one was when Skyler was getting her nails done and the salon messed them up, so he had to get one of her friends to convince her to get them fixed.

We went out to lunch, and then went to Valley Forge park and went on a walk. As we walked up to the National Memorial Arch, Andrew got very quiet. Then, as we came around the side of the arch, Skyler spotted one of our friends who’s a photographer. That’s when she realized what was happening! Cue the waterworks!

Neither of us fully remember what Andrew said, but thankfully he wrote it down so we could both look back on it. After Andrew proposed, we spent hours at the park FaceTiming our friends and family. Then, when we came back to my house, our parents and siblings had planned a mini party for us! Andrew described later that he was nervous, not that Skyler would say no, but just about making it the most perfect day we could’ve imagined. And it was!

Q: What’s the best part about being engaged?

We’ve been together for almost five years, and we’ve been dreaming about our wedding and being married for years now. It feels so surreal and like a full circle moment to finally be planning for real and turning all of our dreams into reality.

Q: What advice to you have for other couples planning their own weddings?

Even though our engagement is on the longer side, we started planning pretty quickly. At first we were self-conscious about this, wondering if we were jumping the gun. But, we’re now so relieved to have so much done so early in our engagement. It’s taken a lot of pressure off of us and allowed us to enjoy the process more. Another thing that’s made a huge difference for us is having a shared form of organization. We have a shared Google Drive folder where we keep all our vendor information, guest list, etc. It’s been so helpful to visualize everything and also lets us work on things both together and individually. Also, you hear it all the time, but it’s really true: this process is about YOU! The wedding is about you! While it’s good to take other people’s opinions into account, ultimately it’s you and your fiance’s wants and needs that matter the most.

To Andrew & Skyler:

We had the best time with you last week at your engagement session! You both were naturals and so fun to photograph! Thanks for being so easy and go-with the flow in the crazy heat, and for being up for all the crazy prompts we threw your way. You guys did great! Looking forward to the wedding, and to the show you the rest of these engagement photos! Until then, we hope you enjoy this preview from your evening engagement in Philadelphia!


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August 1, 2023



  1. AbbyEllen Wood says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! These pictures so clearly bring to life the love and laughter in Sky and Andrews relationship. LOVE!!

  2. Katie Olafson says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to see all the amazing pictures and celebrate with you <3

  3. Rebekah Hamblett says:

    SCREAMING!!!! These are so gorgeous!! So much love for you two <3

  4. Anna Vallette says:

    These are INCREDIBLE
    Beautiful beautiful couple ❤️

  5. Jennifer says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL!! I love that you can’t tell how very hot it was that night and how it looks like S&A are the only 2 people downtown. Cannot wait to see the wedding photos!

  6. Andrew Vallette says:

    Thank you so much!

  7. Sadie Schrader says:

    The most beautiful couple!! It is evident through these incredible pictures how much they love each other!!

  8. Anna Palumbo says:

    Congratulations Skylar and Andrew! The pictures are absolutely stunning. May god bless your marriage ❤️

  9. Kasandra says:

    Congrats Andrew and Skylar!! So happy for both of you!! And i LOVE the pictures ❤️

  10. Katie Searfoss says:

    I will be looking at these photos on repeat: obsessed!!! So excited for you two!!

  11. Ehryn Groothoff says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!!

  12. Liv Scharfs says:

    GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!! Wow!!!! You captured this STUNNING couple SO EFFORTLESSLY and ELOQUENTLY!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  13. Olivia says:

    Simply still in awe of these photos!

  14. Marcel Addis-Jackson says:

    This is fire

  15. Macy Field says:

    These are gorgeous! Beautiful couple!

  16. Amy Vallette says:

    Absolutely stunning! Can’t wait for the big day but enjoy the engagement period! It is a special time!

  17. Mimi says:

    Well, this is a tear jerker! Lovely, lovely. Thanks for sharing. We are so very happy for you.
    Love Mimi

  18. Robin Vallette says:

    so exciting!

  19. Judy Rohrbach says:

    Beautiful photos to capture a beautiful couple! They captured your relationship so well; authentic, fun, sweet and the love you have for each other!

  20. Ali Vallette says:

    Wonderful pictures of a lovely couple!

  21. Sydney Rohrbach says:

    So pretty !!!!

  22. Doug Vallette says:

    Really awesome photos! Congratulations!

  23. Steve Vallette says:

    A wonderful collection!
    Thank-you for sharing these Skyler and Andrew!

  24. Anna Vallette says:


  25. Dan Vallette says:

    Beautiful pictures! I know that exact parking garage, it’s a great spot!

  26. Jocelyn Confino says:

    Beautiful photos!

  27. Kelly wardlow says:

    These are absolutely incredible. Such great angles and shots. Your love and joy showed through in each picture.

  28. Dan Habboush says:

    Awesome couple and great photos!

  29. ellie says:

    soooo beautiful!!!!

  30. Emma says:

    STUNNING PHOTOS!!!! She will be a gorgeous bride!

  31. Kelsey Patrick says:

    Love their love story. And these photos are amazing !!

  32. Kennedy Gabb says:

    I love this!!

  33. Tina Hoffman says:

    Your love and joy is electric in these photos! Congrats to you both!

  34. Riya says:


  35. Annika says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Congrats 🙂

  36. Moi says:

    So happy for you both!

  37. callan heise says:

    gorgeous pics of such a sweet couple!

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    absolutely stunning. i have never seen a more beautiful couple!

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  41. Carlee Angelucci says:

    Beautiful pictures!! So happy for the lovely couple💚💚💚

  42. Isabel Kokko says:

    Lovely 🙂

  43. We loved photographing this session with you guys!! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  44. Anna Claire Fulcher says:

    You two are so beautiful! So excited for you both 🙂

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