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Christmas is here! Well, almost, but we are definitely in the Christmas spirit! Our tree is up and decorated, Christmas candles are burning and music is playing! We are so excited because this is our first Christmas as a married couple! For the last 23 years we have celebrated Christmas morning separately with our own families, but this year we get to celebrate together! It’s going to be so different! A good different, of course, but still somewhat foreign. We are, however, blown away that what we do this year could potentially become a tradition that is done for years to come. It may be something our kids do and they could pass it down to their kids. It’s very strange! But enough about kids because that won’t happen for some time now (sorry mom and dad)!

We love Christmas music! Once Thanksgiving day is over, Christmas season has officially begun and Christmas music can start playing! So we thought that we’d create a playlist of our favorite songs! On the left is Josiah’s playlist and on the right is Steph’s!

Our Christmas Playlist

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