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That One Time We Said It

Pt. 1 – That One Time She Saw Him
Pt. 2 – That One Time He Saw Her
Pt. 3 – That One Time In the Garage
Pt. 4 – That One Time We Said It

I don’t remember much… only tiny moments and often not from my own perspective. Is that weird? When I look back on moments, I sometimes look back on them from someone else’s perspective. I can’t explain it other than saying it’s like I’m looking at a picture that someone else took of me doing what I was doing.

This snapshot was Steph and I walking through a field at a youth retreat called Breakaway in New York. It wasn’t a huge field, or even the most romantic field considering there were dozens of other middle schoolers running around, rock climbing and throwing frisbees. We were both in middle school- Steph 8th grade and myself 7th – and I knew that she had liked me and she knew I liked her… And so did all of our friends. The only thing that wasn’t made public was both of us telling each other how we felt.

So there we are, walking through this field. I think I was wearing an Indy 500 blue sweatshirt, which was strange because I never watched the Indy 500 nor was I really into car racing, but it was warm and kept me comfortable. I could put my hands in the big front pocket and be nervous. I don’t remember what she was wearing, but it doesn’t really matter. All I knew was that I liked her… and I really really liked her. So I told her that.. I think. I don’t remember what I said, but I can imagine it went something like this.

Me: “So I like you.”
Steph: “I know.. I like you, too.”

And then we walked in silence, just enjoying each others company for the next few minutes because, we were awkward middle schoolers who didn’t know the first thing about anything really. That was that. We didn’t start “dating” then, but we made the next step by telling one another how we felt and we both were on top of the world.

Side note: Steph, if you have a better recollection of this day, please update this blog post!

The Story Of Us

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