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Choosing Your Engagement Session Location

Selecting the Right Location

The location of your engagement session is up to you! The first thing to decide is whether you’d like to feature a more urban setting or a country setting. PA is an amazing place because it allows for a multitude of great backdrops! Countryside is nearby regardless of where you are in the state and between Philadelphia, West Chester and other places there are so many great city settings. There are also other great options in other parts of the state and out of state, and we’re always up for exploring a new spot together!

Think Outside the Box

This is the time to think outside the box! We encourage you to brainstorm unique locations that you might have special access to that most people don’t. For example, maybe you, or someone you know, can secure permission to a location that would otherwise be off-limits, like a beautiful private estate, country club or resort. Maybe it’s a family ranch, upscale hotel or even an airplane hangar. The sky is literally the limit! Josiah will gladly jump out of an airplane with you! A skydiving engagement session would be really awesome! It’s always okay to go to places that have special meaning to you both as well!Spend a few minutes thinking about it and checking around. You’ll be surprised with what you come up with. Plus, if something seems out of reach, just remember: you never know until you ask! If you get stuck or need inspiration, check out the engagement section of our blog. We have some great go-to locations around town that we can always hit, too. Just let us know which session you love, and whether you’d like to feature to the country or urban or even something completely different, and we will go from there!

Destination Engagement

Your engagement session includes our travel time anywhere in the Greater Philadelphia area. If you’d like to go somewhere outside the city, we’re up for the adventure! We love traveling and would love the chance to travel even more. We have photographed engagement sessions from New Jersey to Colorado to Cancun, and our dream would be to photograph one in in Europe or Iceland (hint, hint) so if we’re already going to be in or near an area you’ve always dreamed of doing your photos, and we can coordinate our schedules, let’s set it up. Or if you really like us then we can travel somewhere together, hang out, shoot your session, hang some more and then head back home. Flights to Iceland are pretty cheap. Jus’ Sayin’!

Location, Location, Location | Engagement Tips

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