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Mike & Christina

We drove up to Bethlehem on a Wednesday afternoon. When we left King of Prussia, it was 55 degrees and there were blue skies, but by the time we reached Bethlehem, PA it was 44 degrees and rainy. No idea where the beautiful weather went, but we knew we had to make the best of it. Talk about bad timing, but Mike & Christina were more than willing to venture into the rain! They certainly brightened up with gloomy afternoon and soon after we started shooting, the rain stopped! We started shooting around The Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. Due to the rain, it looked like certain things were restricted, but there is some really cool backdrops there and it was a super new place for us. Then we ventured across the bridge and shot in a park near Moravian College. Bethlehem is so historic and quaint and we wish we ventured up there a bit more to explore.

The Story

Mike & Christina met on Tinder. Yes, Tinder. The app that has the rep for hookups gave brought them together for the ultimate hook up… marriage!! Technology is so cool and it’s amazing that these two may have never met if they hadn’t installed that app and swiped right! We’re seeing so many people find happiness because of these apps and online sites. A few of our brides met through Match.com and OkCupid, too! So way to go creators of those apps!

Mike & Christina ventured to their favorite restaurant where they had one of their first dates on Valentine’s Day. Mike was able to get a hold of a menu from that first date and he had ask the chef to make the same meals. The day was December 9th. A normal day with nothing out of the ordinary. The restaurant was decorated for Christmas that was right around the corner. They sat next to the Christmas tree that was layered with ornaments. During dinner, Mike reaches out and plucks an ornament off the tree and opens it up. A shining diamond ring was inside starring at Christina. She said yes, of course!

Mike & Christina, we had the best time with you guys despite the weather (and wind) that fought us the entire time! We can’t wait for your wedding day, but until then we hope that you enjoy some of our favorites from your engagement session!

A Cold Engagement in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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