A Cape May Destination Wedding at The Grand Hotel | TJ + Erin - Josiah & Steph Photography

TJ and Erin quite literally tied the knot on the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey just outside The Grand Hotel. Cape May is a place they’ve spent numerous summers sailing, spending time together and growing their relationship before moving off to adventure in Colorado with their puppy, Kona. Whether it’s on a sailboat off the shores of New Jersey or hiking up a mountainside outside of Denver, these two are always up for an adventure. Last weekend they stepped into the biggest adventure yet. Marriage. We think it looks pretty darn good on them and are excited to finally share some images from their wedding day.

This wedding was a little different for us because Erin is Steph’s cousin. We had a packed room full of family members partying, dancing, and relaxing during the wedding while we worked it, but you know why that’s so great? Unlike those family members and guests, we get to spend the entire day with the bride and groom. We were asked just the other day if we enjoy shooting family and friend’s weddings and the answer is yes! We get to be with them for the entire day. All the way from getting ready to their send off, we’re with them, helping them, serving them, capturing their love story and cementing ourselves in a piece of their history together. As friends and family, we love getting to play that role in their day. This was no different. The only struggle is that sometimes things can get a little extra emotional when photographing family and sometimes you just want to put the camera down and watch, which is totally okay to do sometimes.

To TJ + Erin:

We loved spending the day with you. Your wedding was so beautiful and we can’t wait to show you the rest of your photos, but until then, we hope you love some of our favorites from your big day!

A Cape May Destination Wedding at The Grand Hotel | TJ + Erin


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