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More often than not, we walk into getting ready rooms that look like a tornado swept through the area and left a whirlwind of trash, clothes and makeup items all over the place. We get that it’s a crazy time of day and there’s a lot to do. However, on your wedding day there are just some things you don’t want to worry about. Cleaning up when it is time to leave your getting ready space for your next event. On top of that, keeping your area clean and clutter free will result in better pictures because you won’t have random junk in the background. We just wanted to provide you with a few tips on how to keep your space clean.

Our Reasons

  1. Create a designated bag space. This could be one side of the room, in a closet, or even in a bedroom. Doing so will keep the main getting ready area clean and clutter free.
  2. Stay organized. Try to keep all belongings in your bags. It is so easy to take stuff out of your bag and leave it places, but if you return it to your bag right away your won’t lose anything in the mess or the shuffle of cleaning up. 
  3. Anticipate the photographers arrival. Find out when the photographers and videographers are showing up and clean everything just before they arrive. Feel free to go crazy and be as messy as you want before they arrive, but tidying up before they get there certainly makes our job much easier.

Why do all of this? Well, keeping the getting ready space clean will save time on the wedding day. When rooms are cluttered with stuff, we often need to take time moving items from one side of the room to another. Having bags, water bottles, and clothing in the background of wedding photos isn’t something we want for you. Your stuff may get shuffled around the room and potentially lost as we move it out of shot. Having a clutter free room will not only help in the long run on the wedding day, but your photos will also be clean and clutter free.

Just take the photos below as an example from Ryan + Ali at The Philander Chase Knox Estate; Joe + Sara at Anthony Wayne House; Charlie + Janine at Oyster Point Hotel; And Ryan + Lauren at The Booking House.

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Stay Clutter Free

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