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Red, yellow and orange leaves surrounding by pumpkins, hot apple cider and flannels. Fall has so much character. We love fall weddings because they have so much charm. Photographing weddings in the fall is so wonderful because we’re not sweating through our clothes carrying around heavy cameras, and we get the amazing bonus of colorful leaves and backgrounds. If you are having a fall wedding and need some color inspiration look no further! Here are a few of the most popular fall wedding colors. 


Now I know orange bridesmaids dresses might be a little much, but maybe think about accenting your decor with little pumpkins! These are so cute and make great center pieces. If you still want pumpkins but want to avoid the orange colors, maybe think about getting some fake white pumpkins or paint them white. They’ll still look really cute and allow you to avoid the bold orange tones. Obviously orange is one of those cliche and typical fall wedding colors, but we think it can still be done tastefully.

From Adam + Lauren’s Wedding


My favorite flowers are sunflowers which bloom in summer and early fall, but I think they are the perfect fall bouquet flower. Josiah and I got married in June and I demanded sunflowers so this is all relative, but we think those yellow colors will really vibe with the colorful trees. It really is a beautiful flower especially for your bouquet.

From Sheldon + Steph’s Wedding


One of the most popular dress colors in fall is Maroon. We’ve mentioned in previous blogs about color inspiration that blue and maroon is a massively popular color combination. We love the color combo and the red will really start to bring in those rich, warm tones that we all love.

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Popular Fall Wedding Colors

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