Engagement at Barclay Farmstead in Cherry Hill, NJ - Josiah & Steph Photography

Jeff + Chelsea

Seems like engagements are back in full swing! So thankful to finally be meeting our couples in person at their sessions. Jeff + Chelsea have been on the schedule for quite a while and their Barclay Farmstead engagement session in Cherry Hill, New Jersey did not disappoint! They brought their little puppy, Combo, who is a little nugget of cuteness. Jeff + Chelsea also brought their A-game and completely rocked their portraits! Their session was so much fun and filled with endless smiles and laughter. It made us even more excited for their destination wedding in Mexico next February!

How Did Jeff Propose?

Chelsea: Jeff proposed on our third anniversary, February 9th, 2019! He arranged for my youngest sister to come pick me up for the day to go shopping. My sister Becca & I spent the day at the Promenade in Marlton, NJ while Jeff, my other sister (Melissa), and mom decorated the entire downstairs of our house. He pulled out all of our favorite pictures, decorated with tons of proposal decor, and sprinkled 5000 red rose petals from the front door to the dining room. When I got home, I heard our favorite song (Die a Happy man) playing. I followed the rose petals to find Jeff down on one knee in the dining room! His proposal was so sweet & I’ll never forget how special he made me feel! The room was filled with pictures of us, decorations, balloons & champagne. Then we partied the night away with an awesome engagement party! I was super surprised & very, very happy!

Any advice for couples planning their own wedding?

Chelsea: My advice for future couples is to plan the wedding that the both of you have always dreamed of! It can be difficult to put aside others’ opinions, but it’s important to plan your special day the way you want to plan it. At the end of the day, your wedding should be a reflection of your love for each other & the start of a new chapter together!

To Jeff + Chelsea:

We cannot wait to celebrate with you both in Mexico next year! It is going to be such an incredible wedding, but until then, we hope you love just a few of our favorites from your engagement session at Barclay Farmstead.

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Engagement at Barclay Farmstead in Cherry Hill, NJ


  1. Becca says:

    Beautiful !!

  2. Heather & Joe Connor says:

    You guys look amazing!! Can’t wait to celebrate in Mexico!

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Love how they turned out!

  4. Lyndsay says:

    You both look soo happy! These turned out awesome

  5. Jeff Olson says:

    Such a great time! I’m really excited for the wedding!! Chelsea is a knockout 10/10 😍

  6. Jim says:

    These are really well done, Jeff’s a stud.

  7. Brittany says:

    I have never seen either of you happier! Love these so much! 😍

  8. Joey Charlie says:

    Oh my! Is that Jeff??? Whoooooo weeee! Could’ve sworn it was Ryan Gosling. And Chelsea looking as beautiful as ever. Great pictures!!!!

  9. Chelsea says:

    love, love, love them! Thank you so much Steph & Josiah!

  10. Todd says:

    You guys looks amazing!

  11. Krystal Switick says:

    I’m not not crying. Love you guys so much 🖤😘

  12. Maureen Mazza says:

    Beautiful!! Such great photos!! I especially love the champagne shots. So happy for you both!

  13. Ryan Adams says:

    Congrats to and amazing couple and the 2nd best bowler on our team!

  14. Kerry Fleisch says:

    These are adorable! I don’t even know Chelsea but Jeff is the goobiest of goobers ever and he is clearly marrying up! Congratulations enjoy the journey!

  15. Jack Smith says:

    Oh my God I just can’t! I can’t! Jeff you really are the second most handsome guy in the Elite! What a good looking couple! Congrats guys!

  16. Bader Family says:

    So happy for the two of you, you both look awesome!! We’re sorry we can’t make it to the wedding but we will be thinking about you guys.

  17. Nick Mazzetti says:

    Metcalf would be proud of you both.

  18. Ralph Olson says:

    Love all your many many nice pictures! Wishing you both many happy years together… Can’t wait for Mexico!

  19. Tonya Olson says:

    I love all the different poses. Especially the ones with combo. Chelsea, how are you able to hold Jeff up? May you both continue to carry each other through good times and bad times that will lie ahead. Can’t wait for Mexico

  20. Conor Gibbons says:

    Just gorgeous, I dare not say more.

  21. Brett Switick says:

    What an amazing couple! Love you both! Only thing missing is combos best friend McFly…

  22. Danny Childs says:

    Love youse guys so friggin much. These pictures are the cutest. Congrats to you both 😘

  23. Skip Moore says:

    What great pictures! Can’t wait for February 2021! Skip & Angela Moore

  24. Todd says:

    Awesome pics of a great coiplr

  25. Erika says:

    The cutest!!!!

  26. Rosemary Bryan says:

    Looking good. Love the pics

  27. Pat B says:

    So cute!!! Love you guys!! Combo is a stud! 🙂

  28. Amy says:

    So beautiful!!!

  29. Amy says:

    So beautiful!!! Combo is a star

  30. Jacqui H says:

    So cute! Love that the doggo was included ❤️

  31. Nick A. says:

    You guys are the best! 😀😀

  32. Julia says:

    Amazing pictures

  33. JB says:

    So beautiful!

  34. Lisa says:

    Amazing pics! Captured your personalities perfectly!

  35. Chris says:

    OK Jim

  36. Eric Olson says:

    The one where you’re standing in front of a giant brick wall is weird. What’s in the basement, huh? What are you hiding!?!?

  37. Megan Macdonald says:

    You two are totes adorbs!

  38. Jordan says:

    Your baby is hairy. Looks funny. Anyways, cute picks, weird baby.

  39. Justo says:

    These pictures are incredible, you both look great and so happy! We need to make sure Combo is good for Mexico. I have a dog passport guy so no worries.

  40. David says:

    Those are wonderful photographs. Beautiful couple.

  41. Megan says:

    We absolutely adore Chelsea, Jeff & Combo – these pictures could not be any more precious! Literally can’t pick a favorite!! We love you guys!

  42. Jessica says:

    Beautiful!! I love how they turned out!!

  43. Melissa says:

    So Beautiful! I love the Nike pictures !

  44. Michael Gavetti says:

    A very beautiful couple. Jeff has been a wonderful addition to our family. Very proud of you both. Always stay grounded and continue to work together. Most of all never go to bed mad!

  45. Patricia Gavetti says:

    These pictures are amazing Chelsea and Jeff!!!
    I pray your wedding pictures will be as beautiful as these, if not more!! Love you both❤️

  46. Koloj says:

    My favorite couple!!! Just sad Chelsea has my Jeffrey all to herself now… save some for the rest of us!!!!! Great pics guys!!

  47. Bill Mahon says:

    Great pictures!! Congrats Chelsea and Jeff!

  48. Kathleen Harrington says:

    I love these pictures!!!! You both look so happy and beautiful. It makes me want to get married again so I can use Josiah.and Steph!

  49. Alexandra Harrington says:

    Aw these are awesome!! Can’t wait to celebrate you guys soon!

  50. Vince Sculli says:

    To my Favorite Sister-In-Law!

    Awesome pictures ! Can’t wait for Mexico !

    And Jeff – Fly Eagles Fly!

  51. Katie Childs says:

    Aaahhh!! These are amazing! 💛💛💛

  52. Janine says:

    Holy crap!!! I am obsessed!! These pictures are amazing!! You guys make the perfect couple ❤️❤️

  53. Catherine Groves says:

    Such a beautiful couple . So happy for you both !

  54. Michael Groves says:

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun… can’t wait too celebrate your union in Mexico! You guys look great!

  55. Jen says:


  56. Patty says:

    These pictures are beautiful ❤️

  57. John Ahern says:

    Amazing pictures!!!

  58. Janneliz De La Nuez says:

    The pictures are amazing.

  59. Danielle Mollure says:

    Gorgeous!! Have the best wedding in Mexico!

  60. Sarah says:


  61. Nicole Shull says:

    Wow these are AMAZING!

  62. John Groves and Mom Mom says:

    The pictures are awesome! You guys make a great couple and Combo stole the show. Great job

  63. Danielle says:

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful couple!

  64. Kyle Fricke says:

    OMG Jeff, those pictures are beautiful, you guys look AMAZING! The outfits are perfect, and love the flowers in the background… #couplegoals

  65. Kyle M says:

    Gorgeous couple and photos!! Cannot wait to celebrate this February!!

  66. Maureen says:


  67. Kellie says:

    These are so beautiful!

  68. Bill says:


  69. Austin pezzano says:

    Oh em gee guys!! You two are just the stinkin cutest couple I have just ever seen. Would you just look at that! Just look at these pictures. Just look at them! They’re just darn beautiful!

  70. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Cheers to Jeff and Chelsea!

  71. Angelo DiBattista says:

    Beautiful groom and Handsome bride

  72. Angelo DiBattista says:

    Beautiful groom and handsome side

  73. Drew McLaughlin says:

    Omg that Jeff is so hot right now!!! What a beautiful couple probably the best looking pit I’ve ever seen!!!!

  74. Lisa Scannapieco says:

    Beautiful pictures congratulations Chelsea and Jeff so happy for guys

  75. Sean Donegan says:

    love the dog pictures!

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