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If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs recently, you would’ve seen us share a post encouraging you to actually share in a first look. In case you missed that post, you can find it here. Naturally, a question we ask almost every one of our couples is “are you planning on a first look?” Most of the time we get either a “Yes! Of Course!” or “We are not totally sure,” and then we end up explaining the benefits and they decide to do one.

First Look

As brides we all want that wow moment when we walk down the aisle and our fiancé starts to cry. Josiah often explains the difference between the first look and actual ceremony as the difference between the excitement of the anticipation and then the moment it actually happens. It’s like the initial incline on a roller coaster. It’s exciting. You can’t wait to reach the top and the drop and then the drop actually comes and it’s so much better than the lead up. The first look is that lead up. It’s awesome, it’s exciting, but it gets real when you go over that peak and experience the reason you got on the rollercoaster in the first place.


We want the ceremony to be as special to you both as possible, but how do you add in a little extra surprise? Something that we suggest to make the first look and walking down the aisle different and special in their own way is to wait to put in your veil until right before you walk down aisle. This means your fiancé will see you in two different ways and as you walk down the aisle, they’ll see the completed look that you worked so hard on. We can always get those epic veil shots after the ceremony, too.

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First Look: Veil or No Veil?

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