10 Things You Didn't Know About Steph - Josiah & Steph Photography

Written by Josiah

1. She is completely obsessed with Giraffes! Anything giraffe print makes for a good gift! Cool fact, she actually “owns” a giraffe at the Philadelphia Zoo and has fed Giraffes on multiple occasions!

2. If you haven’t had one of her homemade cupcakes then you still haven’t lived!

3. Her favorite movie will forever be “The Wizard of Oz.” It instantly cheers her up when she is having a rough day!

4. When she grows old she might become a crazy cat lady cause she is in love with cats! But get this… she is allergic, and yet she still holds her parents cat up to her face forgetting that it will make her super itchy! Every. Time… They’re cute I guess…

5. She asks for a glass of water every night before bed, and even though I know she will 95% of the time only take a single sip, I still love getting them for her.

6. She is 75% Italian and 25% Irish.

7. On a related note, that may be why she is such a great cook! She makes delicious dinners!

8. Soaps & Candles are bought in bulk. We might have over 2 dozens candles waiting to be used and even more foaming soap on deck! But hey, I ain’t complaining. It smells good here!

9. She used to be a teacher! She loves kids and sometimes misses working in a school. 

10. She loves photographing the little things on the wedding days! The rings, bouquets, details are her favorites and she kills candid photos! She loves our brides so much and you can see it all over her face on the wedding day!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steph

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