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Over here we believe that expectation is everything. We want to make sure that you know exactly when to expect your photos, videos, and any other item you ordered from us. After all, all disappoint stems from unmet expectations. We want your experience with us to be fun, easy and enjoyable. Our entire process is about communicating with you and making sure we’re all on the same page. We’re sharing three more FAQs down below for you to check out.

Can I View An Entire Gallery?

Absolutely! That’s simple. We try and share every wedding and engagement we photograph over on our blog so you can check out an extensive list by clicking here, but in case you want to see how the photos are delivered, just check out the link below. All of our photos are delivered in a digital online gallery that you can share with your friends and family. Prints can even be ordered directly from the gallery and will be delivered right to your door from a professional lab. There’s even a mobile app that you can install. It’s super awesome! We believe that you should have easy access to your photos and that’s why we deliver through online galleries. We don’t deliver USBs or other devices because eventally they’ll become obsolete or they could even be lost or damaged. Online galleries are the way to go!

View the online gallery here!

How Do You Back up Your Photos & How Long Until Everything is Finished?

We definitely want to make sure your photos are safe and won’t get lost. Trust us. It’s the last thing we want to happen. We believe in backing up photos in 2-3 different locations. Here’s what that process looks like. Immediately when we get back home from your wedding, and even sometimes during your reception, we’ll start the transfer process of taking the photos off the SD cards and getting them onto a hard drive. If it’s at your wedding, that hard drive will be copied over to our giant RAID storage NAS. This RAID device is 4 different hard drives linked together and they’re constantly backing one another up so that if one hard drive fails, we don’t lose any of your images. 

At this point, your photos are in three place. The first is the original memory cards. The second is a portable hard drive. The third is our RAID storage. We’ll often leave the portable hard drive in our fire safe box or we’ll travel with it to avoid any potential threat to losing those photos. Don’t worry, we take great care of your photos and want to make sure they’re safe. It doesn’t take too long though for everything to be finished. Typically it only takes us 4-6 weeks to get your photos finalized and delivered in the online gallery, but you’ll see loads of sneak peeks and a full blog within the first week after your wedding day.

We make sure we are very clear about your photos & delivery!

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FAQ: Questions About Photos & Delivery

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