What’s a documentary wedding video?

There are a few different videos that we tend to deliver when filming weddings. The first is a highlight film. This is the video you typical would watch on YouTube, or that you’ve seen from you friend’s weddings. It’s most often under ten minutes and captures the essence of the wedding in those ten minutes. The other are full uncut moments like the ceremony, toasts, and dances. Those are multi-camera edits of those events. The last thing we deliver on occasion is what’s called a documentary edit. A documentary wedding video is often one hour long and sometimes longer. Let me tell you why.

Documentary Edits

These documentary edits are your entire wedding in one video. We break it up into two segments. The first is the core content. These are moments like your ceremony, speeches, and dances, and other moments might be a first look with dad or with one another. Sometimes it’s additional events like cake cutting and grand exits. Those major events or core content is what you’re watching for, but between each of those events is what we call the bridges. The bridges are mini highlights of other portions of the day. Most common are getting ready highlights, family picture highlights, bride + groom and bridal party portraits, and dancing. These highlights are bridges from one major event to the other.

What’s great about this is that you’ll get to see a lot of extra footage from the wedding that you might not have seen in the wedding highlight film. This is definitely the route we suggest going if you’re interested in purchasing the raw footage. The raw footage we shoot on the wedding day honestly looks like garbage right out of camera. We shoot in a flat picture setting so we can pull out the colors in editing. Our settings also allow us to get that slow motion effect in editing, however, it doesn’t come right out of the camera in slow motion. Lastly, none of the audio is synced. I say all of that because if you’re going to purchase the raw footage on a hard drive, you’ll have to do a lot of work to transform it into anything even worth watching.

A Better Investment

A better investment is to spend a bit more money and have us edit a documentary video for you. We’ll include as much footage as we possibly can while also making the video a cohesive piece that you can watch in one sitting and actually enjoy! We get that it’s much easier to sit on the couch and turn on one video rather than bouncing around to three or four different videos that we’ve delivered. The documentary edit includes it all! This is what you’ll watch on your anniversary. It’s what you’ll show your kids. This is the video you should get if you want that extra footage.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll answer your question for you!

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June 30, 2021



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