Should You Have A Wedding Video?

If you’re planning a wedding, we know this is a question that has come to mind at least once. It’s a good question to ask. “Should I have a wedding video? Is it worth investing in? Am I actually going to watch it? Is it really going to be worth the money?” We get it!

The Power of Video

Do you know what’s crazy? The fact that we are surrounded by media 24/7. When I was a kid, I remember my dad running around with a video camcorder that shot to VHS tapes and he could pop it into the tape player and we could watch back on home video what life was like from years past. It was a memory maker for our parents who’s kids would grow up quicker than they expected. Today, we’d have to digitize all of those VHS tapes just to watch them back, but when it comes to our own memories, we have an insane camera in our pockets all of the time. Our iPhones can create better video than a professional level camera could back in 2010. It’s unbelievable. Kids born today will have their entire lives captured in 4k quality.

I say all of that because memories are important. Your legacy is important. Photographs are timeless ways to share your memories and emotions, but videos can do something that photography can’t. While photography freezes a moment in time, video captures movement and time. That photograph might only get the split second of your groom wiping the tear from his eye as you come down the aisle, but the video gets the moments before and after as he realizes he can’t hold back the tears and must wipe them from his cheek. Video captures the way your face lights up when seeing each other. I’m not talking about the actually smile. I’m talking about the moment that smile forms. Photos can’t do that as well as video. Video has the power of movement, but it has one more superpower.

Video’s 2nd Superpower

George Lucas, you know, the guy who created Star Wars once said that “sound is 50% of the moviegoing experience.” When creating wedding films, we have the power to show emotion through movement, but we can enhance that emotion through sound. We can utilize music to build tension. Whether that is the music swelling as you’re reading your vows to one another, or a soft atmospheric tone as we open the film with an aerial shot that soars over your venue setting the tone that this highlight film is a piece of cinema. Sound has the power to make you believe a little more, to feel a little more, and that’s the second half of video.

Your highlight film is something that you’ll watch a few times a year. It’s something you’ll show kids if they’re in your future, but it’s also something your parents, siblings, and even friends might enjoy watching as they are looking back on your wedding day. Or maybe they didn’t get to be there due to some unforeseen circumstance, but they’ll be able to experience that same feeling of love and joy that you experienced on your own wedding day. They’ll get to hear the toasts that were given. They’ll get to watch you share your vows to one another. It’s as if they were actually there all over again.

So as you’re thinking about if you should have a wedding video, think about how much video content you consume over the next twenty four hours. Pay attention to those Tik-Tok or Instagram Reels your scrolling through, or the YouTube videos you’re watching, or the next time you watch TV or a movie. Video content is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

So should you invest in a wedding video? We certainly think so.

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June 23, 2021



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