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We’ve photographed a ton of different weddings over the last few years and we’re finding that about half of our couples decide to do a grand exit. What’s a grand exit you ask? It’s when you cap off your night with all of your guests and to be honest, there are no rules. If you don’t want to run through a bunch of drunks holding sparklers, you don’t have to. We’ve seen that done where people just crowd around you with sparklers instead, which doesn’t sound much better, but it feels much safer in our opinion. 

Anyway, these grand exits are a great way to cap off the night to make it truly feel like the celebration has come to an end. Instead of the the DJ announcing the night has come to the end, and the lights flicking on while your guests scattering to their cars, you get to have one final send off in a really fun way. Better than that, these grand exits create awesome photos that will look incredible on your wall in a huge canvas, or as a final image in your wedding album. If you have a wedding video then this is also a perfect way to end your wedding video in a natural way that feels like the celebration has come to an end. We definitely recommend doing an exit of some sort because those images really help tell a complete story of your day. 

If you don’t want to have a grand exit at the end of the night, you can do what we call the faux exit. This is when you, your new spouse, and the rest of your bridal party and immediate family make your way outside for a few minutes in the middle of the reception, we don’t make any announcement or stop the party. Then we get the chance to do a sparkler exit mid reception before we leave for the night and keep the party going while getting those awesome photos that will really complete your album and highlight video.

There are a lot of options for you if you want to do a grand exit, but we’ll put those idea in another blog for you. We are big fans of the grand exit and think everyone should have some version of it at their wedding just for the photos and images it creates. What are your thoughts? Do you want a grand exit at your wedding or did you have one at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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Grand Exit: Should I Have One

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