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Vince + Grace

A constant drizzle doused the dreams of an outdoor ceremony for Vince + Grace last Saturday during their wedding at William Penn Inn. Unfortunately, the weather is out of everyone’s control. What we are in control of is our choice to either embrace it or let the rain dampen our mood. Vince + Grace embraced the rain full on. They were 100% willing to get out there with some umbrellas and make some magic. Their smiles say it all. Their happiness and love wasn’t dictated by the weather, or any other uncontrollable circumstances. Instead, their excitement, happiness, and love was very present even in the rain because they were together. Everyone wants perfection. The perfect wedding, the perfect weather, the perfect spouse, the perfect marriage. But nothing is perfect, and let’s face it, if it were, that would be incredibly boring. The best memories are always made through experiencing the imperfect.

The only thing that is perfect in all of this is that Vince and Grace are perfect for one another. They compliment one another so well, and are both so sweet, kind, generous, and loving people. They both have smiles that light up a room, and can make you feel so warm and comforted by just being near them. During their first look, it was like they even forgot it was raining and they only had one thought: each other. And that’s what it’s about. When stuff gets hard, or things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to, just keep remembering that you’re a team and keep your eyes on each other.

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending high school with Grace. Over the years I got to know her somewhat well. Looking back, I just remember her presence being very calming, kind, and welcoming. I feel so lucky to get the chance to document important days like this for so many people I knew from years ago. It’s crazy to think about that I get access to personal moments like this. It’s not lost on me.

I don’t know Vince that well. I do remember him coming up to me during cocktail hour and asking how I was doing. He told me we were doing an awesome job, and that he was so thankful we were there. And I just felt that same energy that I felt when I was around Grace in school. It was this warmth and kindness that reminded me of her. It reconfirmed for me that, yeah, these two are really perfect for each other.

To Vince + Grace:

We are so glad you found one another. You are two of the sweetest people to ever live and we loved photographing your wedding day! Thank you for being so wonderful to work with, for going with the flow, and making the most out of the rain. We know the rain wasn’t ideal, but we love the way the images look! We hope you love the photos, too! The rest of your images are still being worked on, and we can’t wait to show you the rest, but until the full gallery is done, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek from your beautiful rainy wedding at William Penn Inn!

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Wedding at William Penn Inn


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