Engagement at The Please Touch Museum

Shamvil & Celine

We met up with Shamvil and Celine this week for their engagement session at the Please Touch Museum and Water Works just outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum. The original plan was to get into Shofuso Japanese Gardens, but when we arrived, the gate was closed and we were stuck shooting outside the gates. As luck would have it, the Please Touch Museum was right next door and we ventured over there to photograph against the beautiful architecture that made up the museum. These two were so incredibly fun, and we had a great time asking them to do so many ridiculous prompts and things to get them to connect on camera. Their smiles say it all, we think. Can’t wait to photograph them again next year at their wedding!

Q: How did the proposal happen?

A: It happened on our 9th anniversary and first week in our new home together. Shamvil proposed in our new house with a fun projection light that made the ceiling look like a starry sky. I was confused why Shamvil kept trying to convince me to go upstairs when there was so much to do on the first floor. We were stressed moving into a new house and starting a new stage of adulting as homeowners, but it was a nice moment to step back and appreciate all that we had and how far we had come.

Q: What’s the best part about being engaged?

A: Our favorite part is planning the next steps of our future and looking forward to our families, relatives, and friends from different stages of our lives coming together for the wedding. Gratitude as we can celebrate memories with family members who live abroad again.

Q: Any advice for other couples planning their own wedding?

A: Take it at your own pace. We didn’t look at anything wedding related for over half a year because there was so much else going on in our lives. There is no right or wrong way to do things as long as it’s how you want to spend your day. Agree on a budget ahead of time and also what vendors are a priority for you within that budget. Don’t try to plan everything at once because you will feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. Delegate responsibilities to people you trust. Remember your wedding is just one day and though the details are nice, don’t lose sight of the big picture that your happiness, health, and partnership comes first.

To Shamvil + Celine:

We had the best time with you guys! Thanks for bringing us along to capture your relationship. You were both so much fun to photograph. Can’t wait to do it all again, and show you the rest of the photos from your session, but until then we hope you enjoy this little preview from your engagement at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

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October 12, 2023



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