Fall Wedding at Jumping Brook Country Club

Kevin & Sydni

We had the pleasure of photographing Kevin and Sydni’s fall wedding at Jumping Brook Country Club this past weekend. It was a beautiful fall day and their outdoor ceremony was wonderful. They had a close friend officiate their wedding which we’ve seen happen more frequently and we really love this as it personalizes everything that much more. Kevin and Sydni chose a gorgeous fall color palette of burnt oranges, maroons, and browns mixed with beautiful greenery. We love this color combo for fall weddings. These two were so sweet to work with and they were so excited for their big day and to dance and party with all their loved ones.

Choosing a favorite moment from any wedding is difficult, and that remains true here. If we were to narrow it down, we loved seeing the huge smile on Kevin’s face during the first look. Seeing Sydni’s dad, Chris, try and hold it together throughout the day was cute as well. He wasn’t alone though as Kevin fought back tears as Sydni entered the ceremony (even if her veil flew right off her head). We just loved watching the nonstop joy that encompassed everyone during this wedding. Their friends, and family were just so full of smiles and excitement for them, and we truly loved to witness that. That joy was clear and present from the moment we arrived to the time we left.

To Kevin + Sydni:

We had the best time with you and couldn’t be happier for you both! Thanks for bringing us along to document your wedding day. It was such a gorgeous day. We can’t wait to show you your entire gallery and all of the photos, but until then, we hope you enjoy this little preview of your fall wedding at Jumping Brook Country Club!

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November 7, 2023



  1. Tara Pritsch says:

    Such a beautiful couple. This wedding was one of the prettiest weddings I have been to! So much fun! Love all these pics!

  2. Kevin Lang says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  3. Mary Bach says:

    So beautiful!!!! Had a great time celebrating my favorite couple <3

  4. Sydni LaPlaga says:

    Sneak peek is amazing!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!!! Thank you for capturing our special day.

  5. Brenda says:

    So many beautiful shots of such a fun and special day! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

  6. Eric jr says:

    I hear the proudness from your Dad’s smile. Cheers to a 100 years of happiness and adventure to you guys!!

  7. Chris LaPlaga says:

    The sneak peaks look incredible! Can’t wait for the rest!! Josiah and his team were great!! Highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding!

  8. Stephanie Nikitiadis says:

    Gorgeous couple and amazing pictures! What a great evening!

  9. Kate says:

    Amazing couple and the most amazing wedding !!!! Best night ever congratulations!!!

  10. Kaicee Giaco says:

    Fantastic wedding so happy for you guys
    Pictures are beautiful!

  11. Sharon says:

    Awesome Wedding with Beautiful pictures!!!

  12. Sharon says:

    Awesome wedding! Beautiful pictures!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Photos are stunning!!!

  14. Brian LaPlaga says:

    Gorgeous bride, great wedding and happy to be part of their special day

    • Diane DeGaris says:

      Beautiful photos! Congratulations and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of this awesome wedding!

  15. Marc Thomas says:

    Photographers did a great job and what a fast turn around on the photos.

  16. Kaelea Newcomb says:

    So happy for you two! The photos are so gorgeous!

  17. Samantha says:

    Love these!! Congrats!!

  18. Carey Rasmussen says:

    Beautiful wedding and stunning pictures!

  19. Kelsey Hurley says:

    So sorry we weren’t there but you guys look AMAZING!!❤️

  20. Brynne Cave says:

    The most beautiful and fun wedding!!!! congrats Syd & Kev!<3

  21. Sara Miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  22. Sarina Vinci says:

    The best wedding with the best photographers.!!!!

  23. Caroline Cave says:

    Syd & Kev!!! What a gorgeous wedding!!! We had so much fun! Fantastic pictures! They captured the beauty of the day so well!!!

  24. Gia says:

    Congrats! Much love

  25. Janeen McAvoy says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Congratulations!!

  26. theresa says:

    these photos could not be more beautiful. i particularly love the way the bridesmaids dresses were part of the color palette rather than just one color! congratulations Kevin and Sydni <3

  27. Nicole says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful wedding and a great time celebrating!

  28. adria major says:

    ahahah you two are so cute!

  29. Kelly Jackson says:

    Beautiful pictures! What an incredible celebration!

  30. Julianna says:

    Amazing photos of a beautiful day celebrating our bride and groom ❤️❤️

  31. Rick Jackson says:

    Amazing photos for an amazing couple. What a special event !!!

  32. Nicole says:

    Beautiful photos! I can see the love and laughter radiating from these pictures!

  33. Tammy says:

    Gorgeous wedding. The pictures capture the love and vibrance of the evening.

  34. Stephanie Garrison says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and gorgeous photos!! I had the best time dancing the night away with everyone. Congrats Kevin and sydni!! <3

  35. Deborah Nisenson says:

    I love the black and whites and the candids! Fabulous pictures!!

  36. Tim Trampe says:

    Congrats again guys!! Was such an amazing night!!

  37. Lisa Visco says:

    Beautiful photos of an amazing wedding!! The love between these two and the joy that all of their friends and family were feeling that day really shine through in these photos!

  38. Bridget Jaramillo says:

    Such a fun wedding at a gorgeous place with an amazing DJ and awesome photographers!!! The staff at Jumping Jack were on top of their game! It was truly a great event!!!

  39. Cynthia says:

    Amazing pictures of the beautiful bride and handsome groom! The wedding was so much fun and you can see this in the pictures!! ❤️

  40. Lauren Rainier says:

    Such an honor to be a part of such a beautiful day! 💫

  41. Aunt Kerri says:

    Such a great wedding! Such a handsome groom and beautiful bride! Gorgeous pictures! The attention to detail was amazing!

  42. Illyse says:

    Wow! The pictures are amazing. So much fun celebrating Kevin and Sydni. Everything was absolutely perfect. Congrats !

  43. JJ doyle says:

    What a lovely wedding. Looks like a great time was had by all. Wishing you much happiness for your married life!!

  44. Alexa Garrison says:

    Omg I’m blown away! Amazing photos and amazing night. I cannot believe it’s already over. Love you Kevin and Sydni!

  45. Len Garrison says:

    Amazing wedding, unbelievable time, it’s all about family!! All the best to Kevin and Sydni.
    Love Coach

  46. Anu Garrison says:

    We all had so much fun at the wedding. Can’t wait to see all the pictures and video. Thanks Josiah and Steph.

  47. Courtney Tallman says:

    So beautiful! Congratulations to the amazing couple!

  48. Courtney Curabba says:

    Most beautiful pictures for the most beautiful wedding❤️ Congrsts again to kev and syd!!

  49. Angie Pippi says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations Sydni! Love from your Texas cousins

  50. Amber Jackson says:

    I love you guys and I’m so happy for you ❤️

  51. kassie m says:

    beautiful wedding with beautiful people 🙂

  52. Joanie Heissenbuttel says:

    Such gorgeous photos and the photographers were never in the way. They captured every great moment yet stayed incognito. Fantastic job!

  53. Kevin Jackson says:

    These photos immediately brought me back to this amazing night. Thank you so much!

  54. Nick Cerullo says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony and one hell of a reception. Congratulations!

  55. kayla heissenbuttel says:

    So sad to have missed this beautiful ceremony. So glad you have these pictures to share so I feel like I was there! Lots of love to Mr and Mrs Jackson

  56. Mary Accardi says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the love of 2 special people. Welcome to the family, Sydni and Chris. So glad we could be there for your big day!

  57. Vince Accardi says:

    What a fun wedding. The pictures are beautiful. Many wishes for a bright and happy future filled with love and happiness.

  58. Tammy Vinci says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  59. Fiorella says:

    So happy for you , congratulations ! Beautiful photos !

  60. Roseanne Hurley says:

    What a phenomenal wedding! A great time was had by all. It’s awesome that it was all captured in these amazing pictures! Thank you for a job well done Josiah and Steph

  61. Sarah Manriquez says:

    These photos are so excellent!!! And, I can’t believe how fast the turn around time was. I can’t wait to see the table photos and whatever video comes out of this. Sydni, you are such a gorgeous bride!! And you and Kevin make a beautiful couple. Congratulations lovelies!!

  62. Tina Kettavong says:

    This was such a beautiful wedding. The pictures are stunning. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jackson!

  63. Chris Hamill says:

    One of the best weddings I have had the pleasure of attending! I wish Sydni and Kevin all the happiness in the world 💘
    Beautiful photography to be able to treasure forever!

  64. Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Frank says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Awesome pics!

    Such a handsome groom, and a beautiful bride. Congratulations you guys , we love you!

  65. Valerie says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked fantastic 💜

  66. Jennifer Mount says:

    So gorgeous, an absolute fairytale wedding ❤️

  67. Debbie says:

    Congratulations!! 💕

  68. Lauren says:

    Such an amazing day celebrating two amazing people ❤️

  69. Eva says:

    So happy to celebrate this fun and beautiful day! These photos are stunning

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